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Utah Teen Driver Safety Tips

8 Tips for Making your Teen a Safer Driver in Utah Learning to drive and getting a driver’s license is a milestone for many teens. Driving is a great responsibility. It’s important that teens understand the risks of operating a car. Here are eight pieces of advice to give your teen before he or she hits the road: Don’t drink and drive. … Continued

The Importance Of Defensive Driving

How important is Defensive Driving? What does defensive driving mean to you? Defensive driving is a series of simple techniques that allow you to anticipate potential hazards and gives you a strategy for dealing with them. The best way to reduce the risk of being involved in an auto accident is to practice habits that … Continued

At a Loss After a Head Injury?

If you need counsel or advice from an expert brain injury attorney, call The Advocates. We are always available for a free consultation regarding accidents and injuries such as TBI.

Gas Line Explosions and Your Legal Rights

Gas line explosions and fires have caused irreparable damage to many lives. Where there is injury, property damage or death, a gas line attorney will defend your rights and recover due compensation.

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