What is an Advocate?

An Advocate attorney is far more than an average personal injury lawyer. An Advocate genuinely cares about you and the progress of your recovery. Since 1993, the attorneys with The Advocates have helped thousands of injury victims win maximum compensation they were legally owed from the big insurance providers.

After being hurt in an accident or a personal injury, it is normal to feel stressed and overwhelmed about your health, finances, and future. You are likely in pain and facing several financial difficulties. Your vehicle is damaged, you’re unable to work, and now face financial instability. Even more troublesome, your phone is ringing on the hour, every hour with calls from rude insurance adjusters pushing you to settle for an amount you know is far too low for your injuries and losses. Facing such a stressful situation, hiring an ordinary personal injury lawyer simply won’t do. What you need is the best attorney available in all of Utah. What you deserve is an Advocate on your side!

Dedicated Negotiators, Fierce Litigators

The sad fact is that the insurance industry does not work with your well-being in mind. Above all, insurance companies are in the business of making as much money as possible. In order to do this, they will do all they can to minimize the amount of money they have to pay for your accident and injuries as much as possible. Even if this means offering you an unfair settlement to compensate your losses or, possibly, outright denying your injury claim completely. One way insurance providers do this is by training their adjusters to keep the settlements they offer as low as possible. The less money they are required to pay out, the more they can keep for themselves and their stockholders.

As your Advocates, it is our job to give you complete control of your recovery by turning the tables on the insurance providers. Our attorneys are expert negotiators who know the dishonest tactics used by insurance adjusters inside and out. If our experienced attorneys are unable to successfully negotiate a just compensation for your injuries and losses, then our Litigation team will file a lawsuit on your behalf and take your case before a judge and jury to win you the best possible settlement. When other personal injury law firms wave the white flag and give up when a case becomes too difficult, our attorneys dig in and fight even harder. The Advocates will do whatever possible to help you win the settlement your case deserves. That’s our promise to you and your family!

Utah Attorneys Who Truly Care

advocate difference lawyerWhile we are unable to change the fact that you were injured, our attorneys can assist in navigating the complex problems caused by your accident. The Advocates can help ensure your medical providers properly bill you for the services they provide. We can also help you repair the damage caused to your vehicle and even obtain a rental car until it is repaired and back on the road again. Our attorneys can even help you obtain assistance with wages you might have lost from taking time off of work in order to recover from your injuries. No matter what your needs may be, The Advocates are prepared to help you in any way we are able.

Once our skilled legal staff has built your injury claim, your Advocate will begin negotiations with the at-fault insurance provider. The attorneys with The Advocates are practiced negotiators who can precisely value your case, advise you of your best options, and then negotiate for maximum compensation based on your unique situation. No need to worry about insurance adjusters bullying you into accepting a settlement which doesn’t completely compensate you for your losses. The Advocates will ensure you aren’t cheated out of the just recovery you deserve.

A Litigation Team with a History of Success

From time to time, insurance providers will refuse to play nice by making a fair offer for your injuries and losses. Even if it is 100% clear that their client is to blame for your injuries, they might refuse liability or even offer a settlement too low to compensate you for the actual amount of damages you have incurred. Such a tactic is not only dishonest, it’s unfair to you and your family. You shouldn’t have to stand for it and when you hire an Advocate attorney, you won’t have to.

While most personal injury law firms do whatever they can to avoid the possibility of litigation, The Advocates double down and file lawsuits. Our litigation team is second to none, a fact the insurance companies are all too aware. The Advocates have earned a reputation of fighting in a court of law for each and every client whose case we take to court. Our attorneys are proud of the fact that our law firm refuses to quit on our clients until all of their legal options have been exhausted. If our top-rated personal injury attorneys are unable to negotiate a fair settlement for your injury claim, our litigation team will take your case to court and fight for your right to maximum compensation. Don’t settle for an ordinary personal injury lawyer. Hire an Advocate attorney and win the recovery your case deserves!

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