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The attorneys with The Advocates have a proven track record of excellence and legal expertise. Since 1992, The Advocates have helped thousands of accident victims all over Utah make the best recovery possible from their injuries and losses. More than any other law firm, The Advocates know best how to win the settlement your case deserves! Read the reviews our clients have left to highlight their experience with our law firm. The Advocates are dedicated to providing our clients with the best service possible. We appreciate any and all feedback from our clients so we may continue to provide the best experience possible. The Advocates look forward to working on your case.

“Having a personal injury lawyer makes me feel more confident I will be getting everything I need out of the insurance companies. The Advocates have helped me realize how important it is to keep track of everything… Great service and integrity.”

Vanessa | South Jordan, Utah

“Honestly, Steven Day and his assistants at The Advocates were a Godsend. Since Joe and I were seriously injured, it was all I could do to take care of the both of us. If I would have worried about all the doctor bills, hospital bills, ambulance bills, etc. I would never have made it! The Advocates took all of that over for us! Everyone that called me or emailed with us was very understanding and thorough, yet sympathetic and caring.”

Tara | American Fork, Utah

“With The Advocates, there was absolutely no run around; I really trusted them. They knew exactly how to deal with the insurance companies, and how to answer my questions.”

Kalie | Richfield, Utah

“We had given up hope after dealing with another law firm. At first, they told us we’d get some ridiculous amount of money, and then they ignored us for months. From the beginning, The Advocates were friendly, forthright and genuinely interested in our case. The difference was night and day. They really cared about us and we were very happy with the settlement we got.”

Chris & Stacey | Spanish Fork, Utah

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