2024 Bikes or Bust Event with The Advocates

Here at The Advocates, we love biking. Many of our attorneys and staff bike for leisure, competition, or to commute. We feel so fortunate to live and work in a beautiful area with so many opportunities for outdoor recreation. What we love even more than bicycling, however, is our community. We understand that we would be nothing without … Continued

Help The Advocates Fight Against Hunger with the Murray Children’s Pantry

The silent heroes of our community are not always in the limelight—sometimes they’re stocking shelves and filling plates. The Murray Children’s Food Pantry has been a bastion of hope for the community since 2020, providing meals to thousands of individuals and families in the Salt Lake Valley. In 2023 alone, they distributed 85,000 meals to … Continued

The Advocates and American Red Cross Community Blood Drive

Since our first day in business, The Advocates’ mission has been to improve our communities by helping those around us, both in and out of the courtroom. We strive to stay involved and look for opportunities to serve. However, we understand that our efforts wouldn’t be half as meaningful or effective without the contributions of … Continued

Community Advocate October 2023: Thanksgiving Heroes

Each month, The Advocates Injury Attorneys team up with Good Things Utah to recognize an individual or organization that makes our Utah communities great. This month, our honoree is Rob Adams and his organization, Thanksgiving Heroes. What Is Thanksgiving Heroes? Thanksgiving Heroes is a Salt Lake City-based nonprofit that works to ensure every Utahn gets … Continued

Community Advocate August 2023: Mason’s Bench

At The Advocates, we know that Utah is a fantastic place to live and work, and we know that it’s all thanks to the hard-working, caring, and compassionate members of our communities. That’s why we team up with Good Things Utah each month to recognize an individual or organization that positively impacts the people around … Continued

Community Advocate September 2023: Jenn Woo’s Halloween Costume Drive

Each month, The Advocates Injury Attorneys and Good Things Utah team up to recognize an individual or organization that goes above and beyond to help people in their community. This month, our honoree is Jenn Woo. Jenn was at her child’s school Halloween parade when she noticed another child who was not dressed up. She … Continued

The Advocates Community Advocate July 2023: Yevgeny Pevzner

Each month, The Advocates injury attorneys team up with Good Things Utah to recognize an individual or organization that makes our Utah communities a great place to be. For July, we are thrilled to honor Yevgeny Pevzner, a science teacher with Granite School District. Yevgeny began teaching 27 years ago, and says he quickly learned … Continued

Salt Lake City Out of Darkness Suicide Prevention Walk

September is National Suicide Prevention Month. Suicide is a topic that has, in one way or another, touched the lives of many of us at The Advocates. We are committed to helping raise awareness for suicide prevention and protecting some of the most vulnerable people in our communities. To help us accomplish this goal, we … Continued

 Two bicyclists ride their mountain bike in the desert.

Salt to Saint Relay Bike Ride

The Advocates Injury Attorneys are thrilled to sponsor the 2023 Salt to Saint Relay bike ride. In fact, this year we won’t just be cheering participants on–we’re fielding a team ourselves! Whether you’re a competitive cyclist or just looking for a fun way to get active with friends, you’ll find the Salt to Saint Relay … Continued

 Motorcycle pulled onto the shoulder of a country road on a blue background

2nd Annual AMFAM Monte Cristo Poker Run Motorcycle Ride

If you’re a biker in the Mountain West, pull out your calendars–we have an event you won’t want to miss. The Advocates are thrilled to partner with American Family Insurance and Young Automotive Group to put on the 2nd annual Monte Cristo AmFam Charity Motorcycle Poker Ride. What Is the Poker Run? On August 26, … Continued

Ski Accidents in Utah

One of the best things about living in Utah is the abundance of outdoor winter sports available. With 21 ski resorts throughout the state, along with hundreds of miles of trails, Utah is the ideal location for snowboarding and all types of skiing. Unfortunately, ski and snowboard accidents have risen considerably over the last few … Continued

Is it Legal to Pass a Snowplow in Utah?

Every winter, the Utah Department of Transportation dispatches dozens of snowplows to keep driving conditions safe for motorists. Unfortunately, one of snowplow operators’ biggest struggles is being crowded or passed unsafely by passenger cars. This begs the question: is it legal to pass a snowplow in Utah? The shorter answer is yes. But to keep … Continued

What to Do After a Hit-and-Run in Utah

Any kind of car accident can be a traumatic experience, but a hit-and-run crash comes with an additional air of uncertainty. You may be unsure how you will recover physically, emotionally, and financially if the other motorist flees the scene. If you’ve been hit by a driver who left before you could obtain contact information, … Continued

What to Do With an Aggressive Dog That Bites

Dog bites can cause serious injuries, whether from a large breed dog like a Rottweiler or pit bull, or a small dog, such as a Jack Russell terrier or Chihuahua. Puncture wounds from dog bites can be painful and carry the risk of infection, meaning that every dog bite should be taken seriously. Just as … Continued

The Road Home Apple Tree Campaign

The Advocates are thrilled to partner with The Road Home resource centers to bring back The Apple Tree Campaign. We are honored to do our part to help those in need in Salt Lake City and its surrounding areas. What is The Road Home? The Road Home is a nonprofit social services agency that helps … Continued

Pedestrian Accidents in Utah Are on the Rise

So far this year, Utah has seen more auto-pedestrian accidents than any other year in recent memory, as reported by KSL News. In March alone, eleven people across the state were killed after being hit by a car. As the number of pedestrian accidents climbs, safety and prevention are more important than ever. The Utah … Continued

 k-9 Unit

Meet the Unified Police Department K-9 Unit

On March 13th this year, police departments and military units across the country honored K-9 Veteran’s Day. This holiday commemorates working dogs’ service throughout the American history. To help pay tribute to these dedicated dogs, Advocate attorney Chris Thresher sat down with Sergeant Ryan Watson and his K-9 partner Cash during our Community Advocates segment … Continued

Slip and Fall Accidents in Utah

  Injuries from a slip and fall can happen anywhere and anytime. More than a million Americans each year require emergency medical treatment following a slip and fall incident. Fair to say not one of them left the house that day planning on a painful and debilitating encounter with the ground. The resulting injuries can … Continued

Teen Drivers are a Real Danger on Utah Roads

Teen Drivers are a Real Danger on Utah Roads There is an epidemic in Utah, and unfortunately for this one there is no vaccine coming. The dangers of teen drivers in the state are well documented. Utah was recently named the ninth most dangerous states for teen driving in the United States. The statistics landing … Continued

 2020 car crash facts utah

Utah Car Accident Statistics 2020

2020 Utah Car Accident Statistics Car accidents happen in Utah for numerous reasons. From bad weather to inexperienced teen drivers, a car crash can occur in the blink of an eye. Indeed, every year there are upwards of 6 million car crashes in the United States. While Utah sees just a small percentage of these … Continued


Top 4 Safety Issues with Airbags

Did you know that a collision occurs every 60 seconds? According to the CDC, motor vehicles accidents are one of the leading causes of death in the United States. Over the last 30 years, car manufacturers have worked vigorously to develop the safest features for drivers and passengers alike. One of the most important safety … Continued

 fatal motorcycle crash utah

Two Fatal Motorcycle Crashes on Sunday

Two Fatal Motorcycle Crashes in Utah on Sunday According to a news article featured on KSL’s website, another two motorcycle riders were killed in accidents on Sunday. These two deaths bring the total of motorcycle deaths on Utah roads in 2018 to 40. According to the article, around 2:40 in the afternoon, a Toyota Tacoma … Continued

 steps to take during personal injury claim

5 Steps to Take During Your Injury Case

Filing a personal injury claim can feel overwhelming without the right legal guidance. Don’t worry. The Advocates are here to help make the process easier for you so you can focus on recovering. The steps provided below are designed to help make your personal injury case go more smoothly. These tips outline critical components of … Continued

 scene of an accident

Statements to Avoid After an Accident

The scene of an accident is certainly not easiest place to think clearly. Emotions are running high and the stress can make it very difficult to find the right words to say, let alone process the collision in general. Unfortunately, you can do everything right behind the wheel and still be involved in an accident … Continued

 utah car insurance

Does a Car Crash Affect My Insurance Costs?

What is the Average Car Insurance Increase in Utah After an Accident? Being in an accident can often leave drivers wondering whether their car insurance will increase or not. When calculating how much your annual rates will increase, it’s important to remember that determining who is at-fault for the accident is one of the leading … Continued

 most dangerous roads Connecticut

The Most Dangerous Roads in Connecticut

Did you know that nearly 16,000 car accidents occur in the U.S. every day? Even the third smallest state in the nation sees its fair share of motor vehicle crashes. However, knowing the best routes to travel and what the most dangerous roads in Connecticut are can help you and your loved ones get to … Continued

 most dangerous roads Massachusetts

Most Dangerous Roads in Massachusetts

A trip through Massachusetts can feel like touring a living history museum. Although one of the smallest states, its 187 historical landmarks is second only to New York. The Bay State has so much more to offer than just a history lesson though. Boston is known for its baked beans, cream pie and sports teams. … Continued

 dangerous roads in Vermont

The 4 Most Dangerous Roads in Vermont

Despite its diminutive size, Vermont is known for many of the things it did first. First state to join the Union, first state to ban slavery and the only state to pass legislation on how apple pie is served?! Boasting the highest cow-to-person rate in the nation and capped by lush forests, Vermonters in the … Continued

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