Top 5 Most Dangerous Roads in Utah

dangerous roads in UtahUtah is widely known for having some of the most scenic roads in the country. While most states dread road construction, Utahns actually boast about the topic in a humorous light. All that being said, Utah still sees its fair share of fatal accidents. In fact, there were 128 traffic deaths in 2018 and 20% of those people were not wearing seatbelts, according to the Utah Highway Patrol.

“Every crash death has a huge impact on our society,” says Colonel Michael Rapich, of the Utah Highway Patrol. While these accidents are often a result of human error, other times it is the sheer quality of a roadway that causes the crash. If you live in the Beehive State or are just traveling through, be mindful when driving on the following most dangerous roads in Utah.

Here are the Top 5 Most Dangerous Roads in Utah:

1. Interstate 15

Starting at number one on our list of dangerous roads in Utah is the well-traversed Interstate 15. Running north to south through most of the state, I-15 passes through many of Utah’s most heavily populated regions, including Ogden, Salt Lake City, and Provo, all the way down to St. George. Anyone who has traveled this highway knows I-15 is a traffic hot spot for trouble. Here are the highest risk factors for an accident on this roadway.

Risk Factors: 

  • High speed limit (75 mph)
  • Limited visibility due to large vehicles
  • Heavy traffic congestion
  • Accident-prone roadway

Interstate 15 has seen thousands of accidents in the last few years, and while Utah cities continue to grow, this highway is not getting any bigger…at least not for now. If you frequently use I-15 or plan to travel through Utah, remember to drive with caution on this route and be mindful of other drivers around you.

2. Highway 6

Highway 6 has not only made it onto our list of most dangerous roads in Utah, but according to NPR, this route is also one of the riskiest rural drives in the country. Since 1996, there have been more than 150 accident deaths as well as 500 serious accidents on just that middle portion of the highway. From Spanish Fork down to Price, this 60-mile stretch of roadway snakes through canyons on a tight and twisting route. Here are the risk factors you’ll want to keep in mind when traveling on Route 6.

Risk Factors:

  • Narrow traffic lanes
  • High freeway speed
  • Busy truck route from SLC to Denver
  • Frequent risk of head-on collision

Unfortunately, Highway 6 is not the best route to pass slow-moving vehicles on. Many fatal accidents occur on this roadway because drivers end up crossing into oncoming traffic. If you travel along the Wasatch Mountains on Route 6, drive safely and watch for oncoming traffic.

3. Interstate 70

Interstate 70 ranks 3rd on our list of dangerous roads in Utah for having a scenic yet perilous route. Known as one of the main interstate routes connecting the east coast to the west (almost), the portion of I-70 in Utah is one of the few roadways that doesn’t actually pass through any major cities. Nevertheless, this highway presents imminent danger to those unfamiliar with driving on desolate roadway systems. The following risk factors will help any driver see the true peril of Interstate 70.

Risk Factors:

  • Zero services from Green River to Salina
  • High peak elevation (7,886 feet)
  • Snaking turns through Spotted Wolf Canyon
  • More opportunities for distractions

Due to its long stretches of nothingness and steep climbs up to mesmerizing canyon views, it’s no surprise that this highway has made it onto our list. All drivers should be prepared when traveling this route, especially for the 100 miles between Green River and Salina.

4. Washington Boulevard: Ogden

The dangers of Washington Boulevard have been on the Utah Department of Transportation’s radar for quite some. A roadway that has seen at least one car accident a week since 2015, this busy route has a history of devastation for motorists and pedestrians alike. Passing through North Ogden’s rapidly-growing business district, if you’re a local commuter consider the following risk factors.

Risk Factors: 

  • Deadly crosswalk
  • Only a two-lane roadway
  • Busiest route in Weber County
  • High tailgate zone
  • Poor left-hand turn visibility

Ogden residents have even asked UDOT to install a crosswalk and light at 650 North on the boulevard to prevent further injuries. Sadly, some traffic is near impossible to avoid, but if you drive down Washington Boulevard often, keep a safe distance between cars ahead of you and make sure you can see oncoming traffic before making a left-hand turn.

5. Interstate 80: The Transcontinental

Interstate 80 differs from I-70 in that it actually runs from east to west and traverses the entire United States. This route begins in downtown San Fransisco, California and travels all the way up to Teaneck, New Jersey. In fact, it is one of the original highways constructed in 1956. Unfortunately though, I-80 ranks third in Utah for having the highest traffic fatalities in the state. Like other roadways on our list, I-80 has a high speed limit. Navigating this area has caused some deadly accidents in the past. Here are the following risk factors to driving on I-80 through Utah.

Risk Factors:

  • Passes right through “spaghetti bowl” in SLC
  • Dangerous winter road conditions
  • Various animal migration areas
  • High speeding zone

In the beginning of 2018, UDOT crews installed signs to help drivers know where to stop in case of an emergency. They also installed stretches of fencing to stop tragic accidents with migrating species in the future. If you’re on a cross-country road trip or simply taking a drive on I-80, watch out for nasty road conditions and other speeding drivers.

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