Car Accident in West Jordan Causes Power Outage

car accidentA car accident involving a power box early Tuesday morning cause roughly 1400 Rocky Mountain Power customers to suffer a loss of power. The accident occurred near 5600 West and 9000 South. The crash happened when the collision of two cars resulted in one of the vehicles hit the power box. According to authorities, there were no significant injuries for those involved. Rocky Mountain Power crews worked to repair the damage. According to an article on Good 4 Utah, the power was restored around 8:20 a.m.

Although the reason for the accident is still unknown, it is clear that, often, an accident can sometimes affect thousands of people. Although a disaster that affects so many people may seem rare, accidents causing small and extensive power outages are more common than you might think. For example, this same thing happened in Chubbuck, Idaho on May 13, 2018. A driver experienced a diabetic reaction while driving causing him to lose control of his vehicle and slam into a utility pole. The man had only minor injuries, and the power was restored within the hour according to Local News 8 in Idaho Falls, Idaho.

Now, as mentioned, we do not know the precise cause of this accident. However, as with any accident, we would like to know how such an accident could have been prevented. With this accident, as with others, there are few simple things you can do to try and alter you driving just a little bit and ensure a safer, more convenient drive for everyone on the road.

Avoid Distractions.

Distractions while driving is the top cause of accidents and continues to rise. Avoiding distractions involves putting down anything that might pull your attention away from the road. For example, eating while driving, drinking while driving, and texting while driving all constitute distracted driving.

Never Drive Drunk.

According to an article in the Huffington Post, drunk driving is one of the most dangerous causes of an accident. Anytime you drink and drive, you threaten your own life and the life of others.

Keep Up Your Vehicle Maintenance.

Sometimes, a car accident can be caused or exacerbated because the car’s owner has not adequately cared for his/her vehicle. This maintenance will include changing the oil, changing the filters, checking the valves, spark plugs, and other parts of the engine, as well as the braking system. There Are a variety of things you will need to do to keep your vehicle road-ready.

Restrict Your Night Driving.

According to Geico, your chances of being involved in a fatal crash is three times higher at night than it is during the day. Not only is the driver’s visibility reduced, but also, you are more likely to fall asleep.

Slow Down.

Driving too fast will always increase your chances of a crash. Remember, the speed limit is just that, you should not exceed that speed. The speed limit is not a speed target. Remembering this fact can help you slow down, and as a result, drive a little safer.

Here at The Advocates Law Firm, our goal is to help everyone prevent a devastating accident. Every day, we work with clients whose lives have been broken down by the calamitous effects of a car accident. Don’t let the same happen to you. There are many other things you can do to ensure safer driving. Check our blog each week for additional tips and suggestions on how you can be a better and safer driver.

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