The Top 5 Most Dangerous Roads in Arizona

The Grand Canyon State is best known for its scenic tourist destinations and ultra-hot weather. Sometimes getting there is half the fun, but here it can also mean navigating the Top 5 Most Dangerous Roads in Arizona.

The chance of an individual car accident to have at least one fatality is actually 33% higher in Arizona compared to the national average. Here is our list of 5 dangerous roads in Arizona where safety should be your chief concern.

What are the Most Dangerous Roads in Arizona?

#5 Interstate 19

Heading south from Tucson and stretching all the way to the Mexican border is a quick but dangerous 63 miles of Interstate 19. Thedangerous roads in arizona southern terminus in Nogales, Arizona, sits directly across the border from the much larger Heroica Nogales in Mexico. Although relatively short, this heavily trafficked roadway has easily earned its reputation for frequent car accidents.

Interstate 19 is a relatively remote route that rides straight through the desert, and with so little in the way of distractions, determining the cause of I-15 car accidents is often a common dilemma that accident officials face. Some say a lack of safety measures have heavily contributed to the hundred or so memorials that currently line the road. In just a 4-year period, 57 accident fatalities resulted in an average of one traffic death for every .90 mile of highway. Short, but decidedly not so sweet. Do not let this road’s innocuous appearance lull you into a false sense of safety. Always stay alert and never drink and drive.

#4 US Route 93

Starting southeast of Las Vegas and ending northwest of Phoenix lies the 200 miles of US Route 93. Until a decade ago it famously crossed over the Hoover dam but has since been rerouted over the widest concrete arch bridge in the western hemisphere, the Mike O’Callaghan–Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge. Drivers through this desolate stretch of highway have long had a reputation of excessive speeding and reckless driving, which is believed to be one of the leading causes of accidents on I-93.

With over 90 fatalities in 6 years, I-93 has been named by numerous sources the most dangerous road in America. Compounding the peril of frequent car accidents, I-93 is known for having some of the longest wait times for emergency services in the nation, averaging at about 21-minutes. The Arizona Department of Transportation released a statement that 94% of the car crashes on this road are tied directly to negligent driver behavior and encourages motorists to do their part and please drive responsibly.

#3 Interstate 17

Connecting the desert landscape of Phoenix to the northern mountain city of Flagstaff is the 145 mile stretch of Interstate 17. The passage gains just over a mile in altitude and is the first leg heading north toward the Grand Canyon recreation area. The many scenic vistas come with fluctuations in elevation and terrain that can, at times, result in tricky road conditions, including ice, fog and snow.

In just a short 5-year period, there were over 123 accident fatalities. The average of a fatality for every .87 mile of road makes it a common choice for many unsavory lists regarding highway safety. Changing road conditions and challenging terrain are not even the most dangerous aspect of this route. The 30-mile portion inside the Phoenix city limits is the most prone to car accidents and has accounted for almost 50 of those traffic fatalities. Remember to stay informed on road conditions and be wary until Phoenix is in the rear-view mirror.

#2 Interstate 40

Running across the northern part of the state through Flagstaff is the 359 miles of Interstate 40, which is part of the major thoroughfare connecting California to North Carolina. Interestingly enough, this stretch in Arizona mostly follows the historic path of the once famed Route 66. Interstate 40 is now a busy commerce corridor and often one of the most dangerous routes in every state it passes through and Arizona is no exception.

In a four-year period, there were 220 fatalities on Interstate 40. This put I-40 right in the cross hairs of ADOT, which recently designated a portion of the highway to the new traffic-control experiment called Safety Corridor, a project aimed to make the roads safer for all drivers. Busy year around, especially during the summer months, this highway is a grave but vital link for the northern cities. With everything from brush fires in the summer to snow and ice in the winter, I-40’s heavy traffic and dynamic road conditions should have all drivers focusing on safety first.

#1 Interstate 10

Rounding out our list is the local portion of the sprawling Interstate 10 that runs from California all the way to Florida. The 391 miles of Interstate 10 passing through Arizona includes a 150-mile transit between Tucson and Phoenix, the two largest cities in the state. Several factors conspire to perennially land this highway in list of the top 5 most dangerous roads in Arizona.

Heavy commuter traffic between the two major cities certainly contributes to the number of car accidents. Even after recently raising the speed limit, ADOT admitted that traffic on the highway had reached its maximum capacity. Lengthy stretches that lack guardrails and a center barrier separating opposing sides create an even greater risk for rollovers and head-on collisions. A whopping one-third of accidents on this stretch of roadway involve a drunk driver. With a staggering 483 fatalities over a 6-year period, Interstate 10 has unfortunately earned our number one spot as the most dangerous road in Arizona.

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