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Bicycle Accidents

Salt Lake City Bicycle Accidents Lawyer.



If you’ve been injured in a bicycle accident in Salt Lake City, or anywhere in Utah, it’s important to speak with an Advocate as soon as possible.  Receiving a proper settlement from the insurance companies can be challenging and frustrating, especially when dealing with a bicycle accident. Insurance companies often perceive cyclists as reckless and assume they are the at-fault party. An Advocate will work hard to get you a settlement, help with your medical bills, and get you back on the road.

The effects of a bicycle accident can often be devastating. Serious injuries, a damaged bike, and medical bills can be overwhelming. Here at The Advocates, we have over 20 years experience as accident and injury attorneys.

An Advocate will Provide you With:

  • Active and aggressive representation
  • Help recovering costs for a damaged bike, gear, and your peace of mind
  • Deferring your medical bills
  • Receiving compensation for lost wages, pain & suffering, and repairs

What Can I Expect From an Advocate in a Bicycle Accidents?

  • You don’t pay until we win your case!
  • 24/7 availability
  • A personal approach to your bicycle accident

How Do I Know if I have a Case?

No matter how big or small you think your case might be, please consult one of our friendly Advocates for your FREE case evaluation. If any of the following items caused you to have a bicycle accident, you might be entitled to a settlement:

  • Poorly maintained or paved streets
  • Reckless, aggressive, or speeding drivers
  • Intoxicated drivers
  • Obstruction to bike path (parked cars, cars in the bike lane, etc.)

If you’ve been injured in a bicycle accident as a result of someone else’s negligence, please call us today to meet with one our attorneys to learn more about your case and what action can be taken.

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