Utah Car Accident Arm Injury: The Ultimate Guide

The Ultimate Guide to Car Accident Arm Injuries

Arm injuries are easily one of the most overlooked injuries victims can suffer after being in a car accident. Car accidents cause so much trauma for victims that, oftentimes, they don’t fully understand the extent of the injuries they suffered for days or even weeks after their accidents. Indeed, it isn’t until they return to their daily lives and routines, doing house work or working out at the gym, that they realize they’ve been severely injured and their well-being has been negatively impacted.

When most people think of car accident injuries they think of whiplash, traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) or, worse still, damage to the spine. Yet, injuries to the arms, hands, and shoulders may not be as severe nor life-threatening, they can still leave victims struggling with chronic pain and unable to return to the quality of life they had before they were injured. If you’ve suffered an arm injury due to an auto accident or from a personal injury caused by another person, the guide below can help you understand the ins and outs of your injury.

most common arm injuries

Arm, Hand, and Wrist Sprains and Strains

Definitely the most common, and least severe, arm injury are basic sprains and strains. According to the Mayo Clinic a strain or sprain is the “stretching or tearing of ligaments.” Strains are officially classified in increasing severity from Grade 1 all the way up to Grade 3. Sprains are caused in auto accidents due to how viciously victims are tossed and jerked about during the chaos of a crash. It is not uncommon for the arms and hands of victims to be forced into unnatural positions.

Car accident and personal injury victims who suffer sprains to their arms, elbows, and wrists report experiencing deep bruises, swelling, and not being able to move their arms into certain positions. The best way to treat sprains is the R.I.C.E. method of Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation. Depending on their severity, sprains begin to heal after a few weeks or so. If symptoms persist, however, victims are advised to seek out medical attention immediately.

Broken Arms and Fractures

Another personal injury to the arms that is frequently reported by car accident victims are fractures and broken arms. Broken bones in the arm caused by a car accident are typically to the hands, elbow, and wrists since these parts are especially fragile and have a lot of complex, moving parts. Another reason auto accident victims suffer broken bones and fractures are due to the extreme force inflicted upon their bodies during the crash. Indeed, even a minor accident can make victims feel as if they’re being tossed about in the Disney World teacups. In the middle of an accident, victims often instinctually reach out for the steering wheel, or they might even attempt to protect themselves by shielding their face with their arms. These actions frequently cause arm injuries like crushed or broken fingers, fractured wrists, and damage to the arms, such as broken bones and cuts or lacerations.

Personal injury victims who suffer arm injuries from a car accident regularly face protracted periods of recovery. Broken bones take weeks, if not months to heal properly. And if surgery is required, these recovery periods could potentially be longer.

Dislocated Joint

Dislocated joints are some of the most painful arm injuries you can suffer from a car accident or personal injury. The joints in the arm act like literal glue between the bones in the arms, hands, and shoulders. So when they are dislocated, victims feel extreme pain and chronic soreness for weeks after first being injured.

People who suffer from dislocated joints in the arm can find it difficult to move their limbs or to even ball up their fist. Arm joint injuries should be treated immediately by a doctor or a medical professional and should not simply be left to heal on their own. Not attending to an arm joint injury could potentially cause permanent damage to the blood vessels, nerves, and ligaments in the arms. If you believe you may have a dislocated joint, you should seek out medical attention as soon as you are able.

Torn Ligament

The next serious arm injury caused by a car accident or another type of persona injury are torn ligaments. A torn ligament is a gravely serious injury, so much so that the injury is considered to be a grade 2 injury by medical professionals. The ligaments in the arm are connective tissue between bones, cartilage, or joints. Victims with torn ligaments describe feeling chronic pain and the loss of functionality in shoulders, arms, and hands. Some victims might even experience a loss of feeling in their limbs. If you are one such victim, you should schedule an appointment with your doctor as soon as you are able. Torn ligaments tend to worsen with time, so don’t expect your injury to simply heal on its own.

Tendon Damage in the Arm

Hands down, one of the most painful arm injuries you can experience after a car accident or another type of personal injury is tendon damage. A tendon injury in the arm is so painful, in fact, that doctors and medical professionals classify it as a grade 3 injury.

Similar to ligaments, tendons act as rubbery webs to connect your bones to your muscles. The pain resulting from tendon damage following a car accident or personal injury is almost always chronic and lasts for weeks, if not months after the victim is first injured. Victims can expect swelling along the damaged area and inflammation from a condition called tendonitis or tendinitis. If you suspect you may be suffering from tendonitis, contact your doctor immediately.

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