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St. George: Semi-truck accident

St. George: Semi-truck accident |


St. George: Semi-truck accident


Semi Truck Accident Resport

ST. GEORGE – A St. George life stands in balance after a pickup truck swerved into oncoming traffic and collided with an On Site Storage semi-truck Tuesday, July 5, 2016 at 9:15 a.m. in Washington City. St. George News’ reporter Julie Applegate reported that the accident – located near 300 East and 300 South – left the pickup truck’s male driver seriously injured. He was rushed to Dixie Regional Medical Center, and investigations are still undergoing to find out if he was properly restrained or not at the time of the accident.The driver of the California semi-truck was properly restrained, and only suffered minimal injuries after the accident. The Washington City Police spokesman, Ed Kantor, said the pickup truck hit the semi-truck, and the impact of the accident forced the two storage containers on the vehicle off the trailer and onto the road. Kantor said there haven’t been any citations issued to either driver – as of July 5, 2016 – because the investigation is still undergoing.
A witness to the accident claimed to hear an explosion and thought that something had blown up, but Kantor said there was no explosion during the accident.The witness said he was the first on the scene, and found the driver of the pickup truck laying on the roadway after he had been thrown through his truck’s windshield.Both vehicles were totaled after the accident, and a forklift was necessary to reload the thrown storage containers onto another semi-truck. To clean up the scene, the traffic was detoured through neighboring streets off of 300 East. For more information about hiring a lawyer to represent you in personal injury case or truck and automobile accident contact The Advocates at 801-326-0809. Anytime, Anywhere, Advocates.



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