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Motorcycling Risks

Motorcycling Risks |


Motorcycling Risks


Motorcycling is much more dangerous than driving a car. The inherent risks of riding a motorcycle versus driving a car are being on a vehicle that weighs a lot less, is open to the elements rather than being enclosed, and lacks most safety features such as seat belts or crumple zones. However, it’s possible to lessen your chance of getting into a motorcycle accident.

Motorcycling Risk Statistics

As opposed to driving a car, riding a motorcycle means that you are:

  • 8 times more likely to be injured per driven mile
  • 35 times more likely to die in a crash
  • 58 times more likely to be killed in a crash per-trip

In addition, motorcycle riders aged 25 and under carry a far greater risk to being in a motorcycling accident than those over the age of 25. Furthermore, though trauma to your lower body is the most common motorcycling injury, fatal crashes almost always involve head injuries.

How to Decrease Your Motorcycling Risk

Studies have shown if you would like to decrease your chance of being in a motorcycle accident, you can do the following:

  • Wear reflective clothing. It will decrease your accident risk by 37%.
  • Wear a white helmet or similar bright colors like orange, red, or yellow. White helmet usage decreases your motorcycling risk by 24%.
  • Turn headlights on during the day. Studies show this will decrease your risk of a crash by 27%.

While the color of your helmet may make a difference, the color of your motorcycle or your clothes (so long as they still reflect light) has not been shown to have any significance in the frequency of motorcycle crashes.

Taking Risks Leads to Injury

Sometimes you have to take the risks along with the enjoyment of riding a motorcycle. If you do get injured in a motorcycle accident, The Advocates have dedicated and experienced motorcycle crash attorneys who can get you fairly compensated. Don’t wait if you’ve been injured – call us today for your free consultation!