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Matt Driggs, Top 10 Attorney

Matt Driggs, Top 10 Attorney |


American Institute of Legal Counsel Award

Matt Driggs, Top 10 Attorney


Matt Driggs at The Advocates was named in the Top 10 Attorneys from The American Institute of Legal Counsel in 2015. This award requires a nomination from someone in the legal field, and then you must meet specific criteria to be selected to the group. Nominations must be professional, serious, and honest. Those elected are help to the highest of standards.

Client Satisfaction

There are various pieces to the selection criteria. First, the attorney must be respected and well-liked by clients. There must be a 10/10 in client satisfaction. Any reviews and testimonials must be positive an highlight the attorney’s character and ability.

Industry Leader

Next, the individual must be an industry leader. These metrics are taken from articles, posts, and online forums or directories. The attorney will be forward thinking and progressive within the industry. He pushes to be better and make the process for his clients as effective and efficient as possible.

Resolved Complaints

There will be no unresolved complaints associated with the attorney or the law firm in any way. If there are issues, the attorney has respectfully and professionally handled the situation and moved beyond it.

Awards & Recognitions


Any associations are looked into a being valued. All attorneys belong to at least a Bar association, but some practice in multiple locations and therefore belong to multiple bars. Some attorneys are involved in Justice Leagues or Associations helping each other or clients. The more ways an attorney shares knowledge and skills, the better of a nomination they are.


The next criteria are publications or speaking engagements. Many attorneys are published or highlighted in journals, magazines, books, or online forums. Others present speeches as seminars or conferences for associates and peers. Some attorneys host their own events for community professionals, associates, or clients.


Lastly, the panel makes sure the attorney is involved and up to date on all things education related. The nominee must fully stay on top of all required continuing education credits and legal proceedings.

Matt Driggs passed all the requirements and met the criteria with flying colors. We are proud he received this award and is honored for his hard work and professionalism.