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I-80 Among the Deadliest Highways in the Country

I-80 Among the Deadliest Highways in the Country |


Interstate 80 is incredibly accident prone in the summer, especially in Utah.

I-80 Among the Deadliest Highways in the Country


One of Utah’s Main Highways is Among the Deadliest in America

According to ABC 4 in Salt Lake County, Utah State Troopers will join in a task force of the other 11 states through which I-80 runs in an attempt to prevent accidents along the road.

The local news affiliate reported that the highway was one of the deadliest in the country, especially during the spring and summer, as both August and April were the two months with the most accidents.

“People get into big of a hurry. They need to be [somewhere] at a certain time and forget about that until something happens,”  Utah Highway Patrol Officer Jarod Babcock told ABC 4.

As Babcock indicated, speeding is the largest reason for the accidents.

“Through the summer of 100 [deadliest] days, I’m not sure what it is about the summer, the nicer roads, the hotter weather but people seem to be in more of a hurry around this time of the year,” Babcock said.

The 100 days are called the deadliest for a reason. On the evening of Aug 26, an accident resulted in the 91st death on the road in the 100-day stretch.

Aside from speeding, alcohol was the other big accident cause along I-80, followed by tailgating and road rage.

Babcock allowed ABC 4 reporters to join him on a patrol, during which he issued a citation for speeding. The female driver admitted to speeding — Babcock clocked her at 92 miles per hour — saying that she was late for work. Despite the ticket, she admitted that increased patrols along the road were needed.

This report is a great example of the dangers of speeding. If you do get into an accident, contacting a personal injury attorney can help you handle the situation.