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Fall 2016 Scholarship Winner: Nicole Wilkins

Fall 2016 Scholarship Winner: Nicole Wilkins |


Fall 2016 Scholarship Winner: Nicole Wilkins


2016 Scholarship Winner:

The Advocates are proud to announce and award Nicole Wilkins as our Fall scholarship winner of 2016 with $1,000.

Nicole Wilkins:

Nicole submitted an excellent essay answering how she could contribute to making the roads and highways a safer place to commute.

“Sometimes being aware of other drivers around you, can in itself help prevent a potential accident on the road,” said Nicole in her essay.

She furthered her point by saying she is committed to making sure her passengers and herself are always buckled up, she keeps “ample following distance from the cars” in front of her, sets an example for other drivers with safe driving, and is always aware of her surroundings and potential hazards – including the weather, traffic hazards, like construction, and personal car hazards, like needing to change her oil or get new tires – before, after and while driving.

She also answered some ways the laws can be altered to accomplish a safer roadway.

“We already have several great laws in place to help ensure the safety of our drivers, such as ‘click it or ticket,’” she said. “However, an additional law that I think could benefit our community would be to enforce harsher and stricter laws for using non-hands free devices.”

Nicole said she wants to “hold drivers accountable” for their usage of devices such as cell phones on the roadway in order to see a decline in distracted driving accidents. Nicole will attend Western Governors University this fall.

How Do I Apply for the Scholarship?

For more information about our scholarship, or to apply for a future scholarship, visit, or call 801-326-0809.



Western Governors University: