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6 tips to keep in mind when driving in bad weather: Part 1

6 tips to keep in mind when driving in bad weather: Part 1 |


6 tips to keep in mind when driving in bad weather: Part 1


Each year there are close to 500 weather-related driving fatalities in the United States. In Utah there were 11, which was the typical fatality range throughout the U.S. While this number seems small, keep in mind two things: 1) These stats don’t include weather-related accidents that didn’t result in a fatality and 2) We need to remember that every life matters.

Tips for Driving in Bad Weather

In general, non-fatal accidents in Utah occurred during clear conditions. However, the second most common reason for non-fatal accidents was the result of poor weather conditions, like rain, snow and ice.

Keep safe this winter by following these three driving safety tips:

1. Take it slow

The third most common reason for fatal accidents was because of aggressive driving. During wet or snowy weather, drive well below the speed limit. Also, if possible, avoid passing others unless it’s completely necessary.

2. Beware of black ice

We often hear this on this news but quickly forget about it when we’re driving. Beware of black ice. This ice tends to form on or under bridges, in the shadows of buildings and where the sun doesn’t hit. You can see black ice best at night when your headlights bounce off of it.

3. Don’t tailgate

As we stated before, aggressive driving was one of the top causes of accidents in Utah. We can categorize tailgating under aggressive driving. During poor weather conditions, keep as much as 10 seconds between you and the driver in front of you.

If you’ve recently been in an accident while driving in bad weather, call The Advocates.