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Preventing Motorcycle Accidents through Classes

Preventing Motorcycle Accidents through Classes |


Preventing Motorcycle Accidents through Classes


Riding your motorcycle without proper safety training can lead to a motorcycle accident. Luckily Utah offers a few courses for new and advanced motorcycle riders to help prevent people from getting into motorcycle accidents. Not only do these courses help teach you how best to operate a motorcycle, they can also show you how to be safe from other cars and trucks on the road.

Beginning Rider Course

You’ve bought your motorcycle and now you’re ready to ride. But wait – you still need to get a motorcycle endorsement on your driver license. In order to get this endorsement you need to pass a riding test. However, in lieu of a riding test, you can take the beginning rider course offered at a few locations around Utah.

In this class, you learn the skills you need to operate a motorcycle safely. You will likely go over proper attire, motorcycle maintenance, and proper handling of your motorcycle on both street roads and highways. When you’ve completed the course successfully you will be given a completion card that can waive the riding skills test portion of your motorcycle endorsement.

Experienced Rider Course

This course is shorter than the Beginning Rider Course. These courses usually have a minimum number of motorcycle riding hours before you take the course. For example, if you’ve only put in ten hours of motorcycle riding you would be unable to take the course.
This course is meant to go over higher level skills required of motorcycle riding while still refreshing students on the basics. Braking and swerving properly to avoid motorcycle accidents are some of the covered topics in this course.

I’ve Been in a Motorcycle Accident

Even with classes under your belt, other drivers often don’t pay close enough attention to motorcyclists leading to numerous accidents between cars and motorcycles. If you’ve been hit by another driver while on a motorcycle you will need an experienced motorcycle accident attorney to help get you a fair compensation for any injuries you sustained. The Advocates have many experienced motorcycle accident attorneys that you will talk to within a minute of calling. Your first consultation is free and confidential. Call now!