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Grandma Got Runover By A Reindeer

Grandma Got Runover By A Reindeer |


Grandma Got Runover By A Reindeer


Pedestrian Safety Guidelines

As I drive down the street, I pass pedestrians standing at the corner of the intersection waiting to cross the street.  I think to myself, how do people know what the rules are to being a pedestrian?  Are there rules?  Or is it more like common sense.  It’s not like they go to school to learn the rules of the road like you do when you are taking driving lessons.  Did you know that pedestrian accidents occur in a crosswalk in broad daylight!  While not all accidents can be avoided, below is a list of guidelines that will hopefully keep you as the pedestrian safety.

As a pedestrian, always notice all safety items available to you at a crosswalk. Such as the pedestrian signal lights, orange crossing flags, and sometimes even crossing guards or police men directing traffic. These items are provided for your safety and help to increase the visibility of pedestrians and minimize an accident. While generally, the pedestrian is the victim of accidents occurring in crosswalks, they, unfortunately, receive almost all of the injuries, including serious bodily injury and death.

Another useful skill is to look both ways and be decisive. In school, they teach children to look left, look right and look left again before crossing the road. I think we as adults have failed to remember this concept, even when we are driving. It is easy to just look right and left and then cross the street. I see numerous accounts of pedestrians standing there moving back and forth as to say “I am going to cross the street, no I change my mind, I won’t make it in time.” Remember motorists also have many distractions and are not always looking for the pedestrian on the side of the road. It is up to the pedestrian to look both ways to make sure that the coast is clear before making an entrance into the road and once you decide to enter into the road…follow through.

Pedestrians are not always clearly visible. Make sure you are wearing appropriate clothes for the time of day and weather. If it is a blizzard outside don’t wear white pants and white shirt and if it is pitch black outside don’t wear black pants and black shirt. Make yourself visible. In any accident case, liability in all parties is measured. Your lack of commons sense can increase your liability in your case and you could lose.

If you do happen to be the unfortunate victim of an auto/pedestrian collision or have a friend or family member who suffered injuries or even died in such an accident, please contact our office. Our team of highly trained attorneys and the staff are prepared to handle even the most complex accident cases and we have the experience to obtain quality results.