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Why ‘Minor’ Accidents Aren’t Minor

Why ‘Minor’ Accidents Aren’t Minor |


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Why ‘Minor’ Accidents Aren’t Minor


Minor Accidents Are Not Minor

Some people don’t seek help after an accident because they think it’s just a minor incident. Unfortunately, most seemingly minor accidents can incur major damages.

Damages in minor accidents, whether they be injuries, or vehicular or personal property damage, are often more serious than they initially seem. With damage to a car, oftentimes the initial assessment from the insurance company misses severe damage that can only be seen by a mechanic. Doctors can also misdiagnose symptoms at the outset, as some chronic pain conditions appear long after the incident occurred.

These all lead to increased costs that are no longer minor. In the case of medical expenses, those will continue even after you’re released from the hospital. For example, you may need medication or crutches.

If something happens, especially in these seemingly minor situations, seeking the help of an Advocate should always be your first step.