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What To Expect in a Personal Injury Case

What To Expect in a Personal Injury Case |


personal injury case

What To Expect in a Personal Injury Case


Personal Injury Case

Hiring a lawyer doesn’t mean you’re suing. In fact, many attorneys treat lawsuits as a last resort. Here’s what to expect from the process after getting a lawyer.

After an accident or incurred damages, many people experience monetary losses, including medical bills or not being able to work. When you first consult with a lawyer, he or she will want to know all of the particulars of the case, including injuries and financial losses. Evidence, such as bills or medical files, may need to be presented to support your claim.

Once the attorney has all of the details of the case, the first step will typically be to send a demand letter to the other party. This document states your claims, your desired compensation, why the other party is responsible and lists the legal basis for your demands. The negotiation process usually follows the letter. Only if the two sides can’t reach an agreement might a lawsuit occur.

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