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Delivery Truck Accident

Delivery Truck Accident |


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Delivery Truck Accident


If You’ve Been Injured in an Delivery Truck Accident

You Need to Speak With an Attorney As Soon As Possible to Protect Yourself and Your Claim

There is nothing at all fun when a delivery vehicle crashes into your or your loved one’s vehicle. All too often, the personal injury or wrongful death matter resultant from such a wreck becomes a great source of disturbance and grief, especially from emotional and financial perspectives.

Just what kind of issues will be addressed in a Utah delivery truck accident lawsuit? That’s exactly what we want to discuss today: what makes this kind of accident unique, and what is on the line in an ensuing lawsuit. Placing your own claim into this context ought to be eye-opening, and make you understand just how negligent the defense might have been. The Advocates are ready to pursue settlement and get compensation for you, and know the intricacies of delivery truck accident cases that are necessary to ensure victory.

How Delivery Truck Accidents are Different?

In all truck accident lawsuits, there are some similar areas:

  • A difference between the weights of your vehicle and theirs, as well as an overall larger risk of injury and in some cases death.
  • What causes delivery truck collisions to be especially dangerous?
    • First, the cargo being carried could be a cause for injury. Delivery vans and trucks carry a wide variety of potentially hazardous materials, including chemicals.
    • Improper storage could shift these hazardous objects out of the delivery truck.
    • Heavy objects, these too could be subject to rolling down declines; however, chemical containers simply breaking could be enough to cause a fire, or quite possibly an explosion.

Regardless, it is what is inside of a delivery vehicle that can cause some of the worst damage to truck accident victims in the state of Utah.

Then there is the incidental matters specific to deliveries that could also be conducive to tragic accidents on the road that would injury other drivers and people around the incident. One such reason is the long hour nature of delivery men’s schedules: you have large vehicles running tight schedules to bring dangerous or sensitive packages and product to locations all over the country. In turn, the drivers could feel compelled to skirt or outright defy the law, driving their vehicles well past the speed limit or running red lights. In addition, merely unnoticed things, such as potholes in bad roads or parked cars in residential neighborhoods, could lead to a chaotic, potentially deadly incident. Any accident like the ones described is made even more terrible when it occurs on a busy highway or intersection, exponentially adding on to damages, injuries, and liability that will follow.

What is at Risk in a Delivery Truck Accident Lawsuit?

Launching a lawsuit over a delivery truck or van accident is no small feat. To that end, you will require the services of The Utah Advocates, our attorneys can handle your claim, advocate for the damages you ought to receive, and see to it that your end result from this ordeal is a positive one with as little stress as possible.

Regardless of the specific amount you will fight for your Utah delivery truck wreck lawsuit, know that it will be a large sum of money, large enough for the trucking company and insurance agency to pull out all of the stops on you. Due to a common legal doctrine known as respondent superior, employers are stuck footing the bill for what their workers do while on the job, so for every deliveryman who gets in an accident caused by his carelessness, there is a trucking company set to pay for its employees failure. No business wants to deplete their revenue over a single lawsuit, which is why the trucking businesses seek out large policies. Policies can cover the range of your damages incurred, be they physical injuries, financial costs, or emotional pain and suffering. No matter what, all damages are worth something, and culminate to create a sizable, comprehensive financial award.

Of course, the insurance company will not take this quietly, meaning that they will go to great lengths as possible to tear your delivery truck accident claim. At the end of the day remember, it is their money that is given to someone, agents will work hard to break down your claims until there is nothing left. Insurance companies are prepared to send out many investigators to the accident site within mere hours of it happening, their primary purpose being to defeat your claim. In some cases, they will attempt to get in contact with you personally, oftentimes trying their hardest to trip you up into saying something that sounds incriminating. Finally, they will use the bulk of this evidence to support a large trucking company’s side of the case ultimately hoping for a complete win in court.

Don’t Let the Insurance Company Win! Contact The Advocates Today

Suffering through a accident, whether you were directly involved or indirectly suffered through a loved one’s death, is always undesirable. But losing your personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit on top of that is an insult to that injury, and something you don’t want to even think about.

The Advocates will do everything in our power to prevent such a possibility. Our clients’ cases receive professional and considerate care “in short we will be your advocate” as well as some of the soundest advocacy in the state of Utah. Some insurance companies know us by name, and are occasionally willing to settle just by virtue of our reputation. This is no surprise, though: we’ve been in the business for over 20 years, and continue to add success upon success to that long-standing standard of excellence.

So go ahead and make the call to us. Again, our number is 1-801-362-0809, and there is no cost to you unless we take and win your case. Contact us, as your ADVOCATE we will deliver to you what the defendant or another personal law firm will not: a dedication to your best interests.


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