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Attorney For Insurance Claims



For those who have never had problems with insurance companies, it may seem strange that anyone would need to have an attorney for insurance claims. If you are one of these people, you either have never filed an insurance claim or simply filed for small amounts. The first time a person files for a large amount of money, such as $10,000 or more, you may find a change in attitude from your insurance company.

The reason attorneys are often needed for insurance claims

Insurance companies love to sell policies and rake in the premiums, but the first time a large claim is filed, they look for ways to reduce the claim or flat out deny the claim. This is common with life insurance policies and home owner’s policies as well as other policies that produce large claim amounts. The focus is always on large claims because these are the claims that have the greatest impact on profit and loss.

When to contact an attorney

Using an attorney for insurance claims is usually not necessary in the beginning. First file your claim and see what happens. Chances are the claims adjuster will give you a figure that will be reasonable, but if not, you can get clarification over why the figure is so low. At this point, you may be able to negotiate with the insurance company. Many companies have a process where claims can be reviewed. If mistakes are made, they can be corrected. However, it is common for insurance companies to not settle for a fair amount. Insurance companies negotiate claims everyday when most people will never have dealt with an insurance claim ever. That gives the insurance company a great advantage. This is when you need an attorney for insurance claims. You may never go to court over the issue, but by consulting an attorney you will know what the law is and where you stand. It is possible that you may not have a case, but you will only know this if you consult with an attorney.

An attorney can help when your claim is denied.

If your claim is denied, you will also want to know why. Make sure you get this is writing so you can show it to an attorney. In case of life insurance, you will probably get a letter explaining why you have been denied benefits. To be sure, this letter will be difficult to understand, and you will need an attorney to help explain it in plain English.


Work with your insurance company and give them the information they need to process the claim. Save all paperwork as you go, and if you are not satisfied, attempt to resolve differences if possible. Use an attorney for insurance claims when you have questions regarding your rights. Insurance companies and their adjustors will not be concerned about your rights. You have to protect your rights yourself and be well informed. The best way to do that is to seek the council of an attorney.


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