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Bicycling Risk and Mortality When Commuting

Bicycling Risk and Mortality When Commuting |


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Bicycling Risk and Mortality When Commuting


Unfortunately, bicycling risk is far and above the risks inherent in driving in an enclosed vehicle such as a car or truck. Yet many people choose to commute by bike rather than car due to health benefits, traffic stress, or even just to enjoy the weather. When commuting by bike, cyclists have to take into account certain risks.

Bicycling Risk

When it comes to commuting to and from work or school, most people opt for driving instead of biking. However, the physical activity of biking has been shown to reduce the risk of heart disease in older adults as they age. In fact, if a person starts commuting by bicycle by age 20, they can expect to add half a year onto their life expectancy, even taking into account the 0.138 years taken off by bicycling risk of death. Therefore, the higher life expectancy outweighs the accident mortality risk.

It should be noted here that young adults aged 15-29 are at higher risk of death when biking than those in the slightly older age group. Also, the 15-29 age group, while having slightly higher death rates when commuting by bike than their older counterparts, has significantly higher death rates when commuting by car.

The problem is that younger age groups, while they’ll see a benefit from bicycling later in their lives, do not want to deal with the bicycling risk. One study that looked at mortality risks and benefits from bicycle commuting recommended that those individuals seeking bicycling benefits should start commuting by bike after the age of 45. This adds nearly a year onto their life expectancy, surprisingly higher that starting bicycle commuting at ages 20-44.

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