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What Is an Automobile Accident?

Traffic collision, also known as an automobile accident, is when one or more cars crash into something.

You could be enjoying a nice, scenic drive in your beautiful state of Utah when all of a sudden you find yourself the victim of a car accident. Your whole world can change in just one moment. Although this can be a rather devastating time in your life, you can significantly improve your situation by hiring a personal injury lawyer to act as your auto accident advocate in Utah.

Why You Need a Lawyer

The lawyer will protect your rights and ensure that you receive adequate auto accident injury compensation. Following your car accident injury in Utah, you may find yourself missing a lot of work due to doctor appointments. You may be unable to work at all due to the severity of your injuries, leaving you without an income while your medical bills are piling up. Meanwhile, the opposing party may be offering to settle the claim. Worried about growing expenses, you might think the offer sounds good and take it. However, once you accept that settlement, you may have no further recourse. An attorney will make sure this doesn’t happen. Any discussion of the case and any proposals will have to go through the attorney. In effect, you will have an auto accident advocate in Utah protecting your interests while you focus on your recovery.

Statute of Limitations

You should call a lawyer as soon as possible following your car accident injury in Utah because there is a statute of limitations to worry about, which begins to run on the date of the accident. That means that you will have a limited amount of time within which to file a lawsuit. In Utah, that’s four years from the date of the accident with many exceptions. For more information on the statute of limitations for your case, you should contact the personal injury attorneys at the Advocates today by calling 801-326-0809.

Preparing For Lawsuit

Your auto accident advocate in Utah will collect all relevant data, including:

  • Facts of the accident
  • Detailed account of injuries
  • List of treatment providers
  • Medical records and bills
  • Insurance information
  • Wage loss

Once all the information is gathered regarding your auto accident injury in Utah, your attorney will file a lawsuit demanding compensation. This will take into account the nature and extent of injuries, treatment costs, whether injuries are permanent and if so, the likely cost of future treatment. If your injuries have restricted your ability to work, your auto accident advocate in Utah may hire an economics expert to determine your future loss of income.

Your case may still settle out of Court, but an attorney will use legal ammunition to ensure you get the maximum possible auto accident injury compensation to cover current and future accident-related expenses.

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