A Crash in Lehi Causes Major Delays: Tips For Avoiding Utah Traffic Congestion

A car accident going northbound on I-15 led to some significant delays near 2350 N. in Lehi.  Police on the scene have not said what caused the crash or what injuries, if any, were sustained.  As reported by Fox 13 News, drivers were cautioned to avoid the area.  We at The Advocates hope that those involved in the accident are able to recover swiftly.lehi traffic tips utah

Significant delays can make commuting a huge headache.  Many new apps like Waze and Google Maps will reroute drivers if the traffic congestion gets to be so bad that it is faster for commuters to find alternative routes.  This alternative route system can be a challenge when there are limited roads leading to certain areas like the point of the mountain.  In this article, we will give a few simple tips to avoiding traffic stemming from an accident.

Remember, there is no silver bullet when it comes to traffic avoidance, but some suggestions can certainly help.

  • Listen to traffic reports. Receiving correct and accurate information can inform your driving.  For example, if you hear that a road is severely congested on your way to your destination, you might want to leave a little earlier.
  • Be aware of other routes. There are usually multiple ways to arrive at any one destination.  Knowing how to get somewhere if the freeway is closed can be valuable.
  • Take the train. Many areas in Salt Lake and surrounding areas like Ogden and Provo are now easily accessible by UTA’s Trax or Frontrunner.  These forms of public transportation can provide valuable alternatives to those who know there is a messy commute ahead.
  • If possible, avoid traveling during peak hours. For many, this suggestion might be difficult because of work and other obligations.  However, the number of accidents and level of congestion increases during the hours that people are commuting to work.
  • Use the HOV Lane. This tip goes along with our next suggestion. Those in the “Carpool Lane” are able to avoid many of the problems associated with bad traffic, especially if the accident is causing drivers to merge into other lanes. When more people are carpooling, this reduces the number of cars on the road. When there are fewer cars on the road, the chances of congestion are reduced.

Again, there is not a sure-fire way to eliminate traffic from your life, but recognizing some ways of avoiding freeway and road congestion can eliminate some traffic-related stress from your life.

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