Two Fatal Motorcycle Crashes in Utah on Sunday

According to a news article featured on KSL’s website, another two motorcycle riders were killed in accidents on Sunday. These two deaths bring the total of motorcycle deaths on Utah roads in 2018 to 40. According to the article, around 2:40 in the afternoon, a Toyota Tacoma was turning left on state Route 164 around Benjamin in Utah County when it hit an oncoming motorcycle.

The second accident happened a little before 5:00 p.m. The same article mentions that a 2005 Suzuki motorcycle was traveling along S.R. 14 near Cedar City when the motorcyclist lost control of his bike while trying to pass a fellow motorcyclist. The vehicle slid off the shoulder. The driver was thrown from the motorcycle and was fatally wounded when he struck the ground.fatal motorcycle crash utah

Neither motorcyclists’ identities were immediately released. Before this accident, the number of motorcycle accidents was already higher than in previous years. We have reported on this fact already this year, and we are sad to see that the number is still climbing. Although Utah is not the state with the highest number of motorcycle accident deaths per year, any is too many. According to, the states with the most motorcycle accidents are Texas, Florida, California, Pennsylvania, and Ohio.

As we have reported previously, motorcycles are unique in the challenges they confront on the road. A motorcycle rider must take more safety precautions than the driver of a car. For example, wearing a helmet has been proven to be somewhat effective at preventing death by head injury. Awareness of the problems confronting motorcycle drivers is one way to help prevent the growing number of motorcycle accidents because drivers can modify their behavior to avoid the common pitfalls that face motorcycle riders.

Everyone on the road has a part to play in preventing motorcycle accidents. recommends the following:

  • Drivers: Anyone who takes to the road in a car needs to be aware of motorcyclists around them. It is very easy for a motorcycle to slip into a driver’s blind spot while the driver is unaware. If a driver is distracted or fails to obey the rules and regulations of the road, he/she will be held responsible for the accident.
  • Motorcycle Owners: Always keep your motorcycle in good condition if you are going to ride it. For example, failing to fix a damaged part can be seen as negligence on your part. Also, do not allow other people to operate the motorcycle, especially if they are below the legal driving age, do not have the correct license, or have a bad driving record. 
  • Government Departments: Government agencies are responsible for managing the roads. If the road does not have the proper signage or neglects other areas, the government could be liable for this.

Motorcycle accidents are devastating, especially when someone dies as a result. Here at The Advocates Law Firm, we are very concerned with safety on our roads and highways. Following the tips listed above can help you stay safer on the streets.

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