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Bicycle Accident Injuries

Utah is a fantastic place for cyclists to recreate–from the towering Wasatch mountains to the red rock mesas of St. George, there’s always somewhere new to explore. Just like any physical activity, however, cycling comes with inherent risks. When riding on public roads, bicyclists chance run-ins with motor vehicles. On trails and bike paths, there’s … Continued

 traumatic brain injury utah

Utah Traumatic Brain Injury Explainer

Utah Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Explainer One of the most unfortunate and most common injuries suffered by motor vehicle accident victims in Utah is the traumatic brain injury (TBI). A traumatic brain injury is a broad classification of several types of injuries to the brain. These injuries can damage several different regions of the brain, … Continued

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Utah Bike Accident Safety Precautions

Despite the cold, frosty winters in northern Utah, Salt Lake Valley offers a plethora of fantastic biking opportunities and boasts a dedicated and supportive cycling community. Whether you’re a year-round cyclist or a casual summer rider, bike safety is the most important aspect to consider before riding any time of the year. So, before you … Continued

 Cyclist rides on the road close to cars in heavy traffic

What is the Average Settlement for a Bicycle Accident in Utah?

Bicycle Accidents in Utah: All You Need to Know There are few things worse in life than being out for a relaxing bike ride on a sunny afternoon and suddenly getting hit by a car. Such personal injury cases can quickly become complex, which is why victims should hire an experienced bicycle accident lawyer to help them … Continued

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