How Can I Deal with the Emotional Consequences of my Car Accident?

car accidentIt is normal to feel shaken up both physically and mentally after a car accident, no matter if it’s minor or catastrophic. In fact, as many as one third of people involved in automobile accidents have post-traumatic stress disorder or another form of anxiety for up to one year after the accident. So how can you deal with the emotional consequences the can arise from a car accident?

You are not alone in your emotional and mental pain. Follow our tips to help you deal with the emotional consequences of your car accident.

Get Help

Emotional consequences of a car accident are just as real as physical consequences. We recommend that you see a health care provider the same day as the accident. If you are feeling anxious, scared, nervous, or disoriented after the accident during your initial visit, say something to your medical provider. They can tell you what is normal, and what is alarming. They can also make sure that your emotional needs are met and that your mental needs are treated if they need to be.

Speak Up About the Emotional Consequences of Your Car Accident

The mental and emotional consequences of your accident may not become apparent until several days or weeks after the accident. It is important to recognize that something might be off about you if you are feeling scared, nervous, guilty, or depressed about the accident. It never hurts to mention your concerns to a medical professional.

No one is going to lock you up in the loony bin or pump you full of anti-psychotic medications just for expressing your concerns. There are many treatments, including talk therapy, nutrition, exercise, medication, and biofeedback to name a few.

You can start with your regular doctor. Explain that you were in a car accident and what you have been feeling. Your doctor can talk about options with you and come up with a treatment plan. If you do not like the options your doctor gives you, do not hesitate to get a second opinion.

Build a Support System

If the emotional consequences of your car accident are severe or are affecting your ability to perform your daily tasks, you may have to ask for help. You can ask your family to help you or your neighbors. You can even ask your attorney for ideas and resources. The attorneys at The Advocates pride themselves on helping their clients through all phases of the litigation and healing process.

Work on Self Care

Remember that healing from a car accident may involve more than getting the dents in your vehicle repaired and repainted. You may need more than a regular medical check-up. Do not forget to take care of yourself. Check in with a mental health professional. Trained professionals may be able to help you mitigate your worry or guilt and help you return to your normal mindset.

If you think you or someone you love may be experiencing emotional consequences after an accident, resources can be found here:

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