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Truck Accidents: What’s my Case Worth?

Being injured in a truck accident can be terrifying. Truck accidents cause a significant amount of damage, more so than if you were to be in an accident with any other vehicle. Because the damages are so drastic, it’s extremely important to know who’s responsible for your injuries, the truck driver or the company that owns the truck.

Our truck accident attorneys handle all types of truck accident cases throughout Utah, including collision and non-collision truck accidents.Whether you were involved in a truck accident on the Interstate, a highway, or a city street, your truck accident lawyer at The Advocates will assist you in building a strong settlement case for your injuries.

What The Advocates Can Do For You

Truck accident victims not only have to face the challenging obstacles of the law but they must do so in a time sensitive manner. The system is built not in your benefit but in the benefit of how insurance companies will do what they can to keep their costs at a bare minimum and your case prolonged. Having one of our Advocates on your side will help you with the following:

  • Build you a strong settlement case
  • Defer your medical bills
  • Help with property damage
  • Find a rental car if needed
  • Recover lost wages and damages

Our truck accident attorneys can help with all of the above aspects in your case, including a FREE case evaluation. How it works is that our Advocates work on cases like yours on contingency fees, meaning you will pay NO attorney FEES until we win your case.

How to Make a Truck Accident Claim

After a truck accident, things may feel hectic. You’re wondering who to call, who’s responsible for your injuries, and how you’re going to get restitution for your injuries and medical bills.

By calling The Advocates we can help you get your accident claim started. First, we will gather all of your accident information for you, including your accident police reports and any eye-witness statements. We will let your insurance company know to not bother or harass you, but to contact us instead. This way, you can focus on healing. As you get treated, we’ll gather medical bills and records to help build your case and have documentation for the insurance company to negotiate a fair settlement for your injuries. Once we’ve gathered all the documents and records we need, your attorney will fight to get you the best compensation you deserve.

Truck accident claims vary in timeline and how long they last, but the sooner you get treatment from a doctor and the sooner you get an accident attorney involved. Our job as truck accident attorneys is to help your life return to normal.

Why Do I Need a Truck Accident Attorney?

There are many factors to consider in a truck accident case. By hiring a truck accident attorney, we are able to navigate you through the lengthy process that follows the devastation of being in a truck accident. Having a strong legal backing, like The Advocates, to support your side of the case, will increase your chances of winning a larger settlement.

If you were involved in any type of truck accident, we can help! Call The Advocates for a free case evaluation at (801)-326-0809 or you can live chat with one of our attorneys on our homepage.

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