The Advocates Community Advocate July 2023: Yevgeny Pevzner

Each month, The Advocates injury attorneys team up with Good Things Utah to recognize an individual or organization that makes our Utah communities a great place to be. For July, we are thrilled to honor Yevgeny Pevzner, a science teacher with Granite School District.

Yevgeny began teaching 27 years ago, and says he quickly learned the secret to student success: engagement and nourishment. He is committed to ensuring his students have access to food, regardless of their financial situation or busy schedules. 

He keeps a stash of Pop-Tarts in his room for any student who may need one, for any reason. Because of this, he’s come to be known as the “Pop-Tart man” at his school. 

“My door is always open,” Yevgeny says. “You can eat in my classroom; I’m open-minded.” 

This philosophy has made him a favorite at his school; in fact, the person who nominated Yevgeny as our Community Advocate was a student of his 18 years ago. 

“95% of teaching is building relationships with the students,” Yevgeny says. The food he provides is just one bridge to building those relationships.

He doesn’t want all the recognition for himself, though. “There are thousands of teachers who do what I do. I can’t take credit for it.” 

The Utah Advocates are thankful for teachers like Yevgeny, who come to school with a passion for teaching and allowing their students to thrive. You make our schools and communities great.

If you know a person or group that makes Utah a better place by helping others, you can nominate them here. If they are selected as our monthly Community Advocate, they’ll be recognized on-air and will receive a gift certificate for dinner and a movie.

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