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6 Common Slip and Fall Accident Causes

Most Common Cause of Slip and Fall Incidents If you have been injured in an slip-and-fall accident, you may be wondering what category your accident falls into and whether or not the attorneys at the Advocates can help you. Remember that injuries are injuries, and that we deal mostly with negligence. The law does not … Continued

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Personal Injury Medical Bills

Medical Bills and Your Personal Injury Case If you have been injured in an accident, then you need medical treatment—and the bills can add up quickly. If it wasn’t your fault, you are probably hoping that you won’t have to pay anything out of pocket for your treatment. Figuring out who will pay for your … Continued

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Guide to Filing a Workers Compensation Claim in Utah

How to File a Workers Compensation Claim in Utah With a few narrow exceptions, Utah requires all employers to carry workers compensation insurance. Workers compensation protects workers who sustain injuries on the job by compensating them for lost wages and injuries, as well as covering medical expenses. If you’ve been injured on the job, you might be … Continued

Will My Pre-Existing Condition Hurt My Personal Injury Claim?

“Pre-existing condition” is a hot-button word in 2017. When it comes to personal injury claims, pre-existing conditions matter, too. In order to receive compensation for your injuries you must prove that the accident caused your injuries. If you were injured before you were involved in the accident can you really say the accident caused your … Continued

How to Make a Slip and Fall Claim in Utah?

Slip and Fall Accident Claims After auto accidents, slip and fall claims are the most common type of personal injury claim. Slip and fall claims are exactly what they sound like. What often happens is that someone is in a public place, like an icy parking lot on Black Friday, then somehow that person slips … Continued