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Utah Traumatic Brain Injury Explainer

Utah Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Explainer One of the most unfortunate and all too common injuries suffered by motor vehicle victims in Utah is the Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). A traumatic brain injury is a broad classification of several types of injuries to the brain. These injuries can damage several different regions of the brain, … Continued

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Top 5 Most Dangerous Utah Holiday Drivers

The Worst Holiday Drivers in Utah Nobody wants to be stuck as the designated driver during the holiday season. Trying to share the road with hostile and reckless holiday drivers as they desperately hunt for one last bargain or drunkenly swerve from one Christmas party to the next can be a nightmare for a sober … Continued

 driving tips utah

Guide to Safe Fall Driving in Utah: Five Simple Tips

Safe Fall Driving Tips for Utah Roads Fall in Utah is beautiful! As September comes to an end and October begins, the leaves of the trees on the mountains start to change. These changes quickly spread down into the valleys making a gold, brown, orange, and red backdrop that is stunning to behold! This change … Continued

 semi-truck crash what to do

The Ultimate Guide About What to do After a Semi Truck Accident

Utah Semi-Truck Accident Claim Sharing the road with massive semi trucks can be a harrowing experience. Not only is it difficult to steer these great beasts of the road, but trying to stop them in the event of an emergency is virtually impossible. It’s no wonder that close to 6,000 people die in semi truck … Continued

 most common arm injuries

Utah Car Accident Arm Injury: The Ultimate Guide

The Ultimate Guide to Car Accident Arm Injuries Arm injuries are easily one of the most overlooked injuries victims can suffer after being in a car accident. Car accidents cause so much trauma for victims that, oftentimes, they don’t fully understand the extent of the injuries they suffered for days or even weeks after their … Continued

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4 Tips to File a Claim with Your Insurer After a Car Accident

No one wants to get into an automobile accident when they get behind the wheel. It’s a frightening experience, one that can leave you at best shaken and at worst severely injured. And while it might be tempting to deal with the other driver and the insurance company on your own, doing so only invites hassles … Continued

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Winter Driving Tips For Utah Roads

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, more than 17 percent of vehicle crashes occur during winter conditions. However, during a Montana snowstorm it can feel like every single turn of the steering wheel might result in an accident. The Advocates can help you if you have been in an accident, but it would be … Continued

 hit and run crash utah

What to Do After a Hit and Run Accident in Utah

How is a Hit and Run Accident Defined in Utah? According to Utah state law, motorists are required to stop their vehicle if they are involved in an accident on public roads. Even if a police officer does not arrive, you must remain at the scene of the crash to assist any injured persons and … Continued

 how much car accident settlement

How Much For Your Utah Car Accident Settlement?

How Much of a Settlement for a Car Accident? Automobile accidents can cause a number of serious injuries to the head, neck, back, shoulders, arms, and legs. Depending on where your vehicle was hit, the force of the impact, and the type of vehicles involved will determine the extent and severity of your injuries. Considering … Continued

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Car Accident Leg Injury Utah

Utah Car Accident Leg Injury: A Definitive Guide One of the most debilitating injuries an auto accident victim can suffer is a car accident leg injury. Indeed, close to 2 million Americans are permanently injured from car accidents each and every year. And many of these injuries are often to the legs, hips, and feet. … Continued

Guide to Car Accident PTSD

The Ultimate Guide to Car Accident PTSD Symptoms One of the most common misconceptions about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is that it only affects people like wounded war veterans who have suffered extreme trauma. The reality, though, is that PTSD can affect anyone at any time. No matter if you’re a teacher, a fire … Continued

Car Accident Scene Photographs

How to Take Car Accident Scene Photographs If you have been in an accident, your insurance claim is going to rise or fall on whatever solid foundation you can build out of good evidence. Some of the best evidence you can collect are great accident scene photographs. Good pictures taken at the scene of the accident … Continued

Car Accident Passenger Attorney

Car Accident Passenger: When Should I Call an Attorney? If you were in a car accident, it can be hard to know when to call an attorney. Advertisements for personal injury representation are everywhere – your TV, busses, and billboards. When do you actually need professional help?  What if you were not driving and instead … Continued

Car Accidents Involving Company Vehicles

I Caused an Automobile Accident in a Company Vehicle. What Do I Do Next? The first thing you need to do is keep calm. The second thing you need to do is look at our post-accident checklist. (LINK TO POST ACCIDENT CHECKLIST). If you have just been in an accident, act like you would at … Continued

Car Seat Safety and Best Practices

As a parent, the most important cargo I carry in my minivan is my children. I have two little girls, and sometimes it feels like I drive all day and get no thanks in return, but that is probably better addressed as the subject of another post. Every parent wants to keep his or her … Continued

What Should I Do If I Had an Accident Injury in Another State?

If you had an accident injury while on vacation or a business trip it can be a real bummer. Always protect yourself, and follow the same steps post-accident that you would if you had gotten in an accident at home. Always Report the Accident I give this advice a lot, but it is always true. … Continued

What are My Rights After My At-Fault Car Accident?

I Am Responsible For An Accident. Do I Have Any Rights? If you are pretty sure the accident is your fault, do not panic. You still have rights. No one can drag you to jail or force you to medical expenses without any evidence. Take a deep breath. Keep calm and read on. 1. No … Continued

Contributory vs. Comparative Negligence Compensation

Can I Still Receive Compensation if the Accident Was Partially My Fault? The question of contributory and comparative negligence always on depends on where the accident happened. Each state is different. Utah has a modified comparative negligence rule, which means, you can receive compensation even the accident was partially your fault, so long as you … Continued

Utah Bus Accident Frequently Asked Questions

Have you been hurt in a bus accident? If you’ve been injured in an accident involving a bus, there are many things that will be very different from a “regular” car accident.  First, the bus is probably owned by a corporation and driven by one of their employees. This means there are several layers of … Continued

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