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Slip and Fall Accidents: Who’s Liable?

Slip and fall accidents can sometimes be preventable. In most cases, slip and fall accidents occur when a spill or uneven surface has gone unnoticed. This type of negligence immediately puts you at risk of getting a serious injury.

If you’ve suffered injuries due to a slip and fall accident, The Advocates can help you determine who’s responsible for your injuries. While the property owner may not always be held liable, it’s their responsibility to keep their workplace a nonhazardous place for guests to walk. Our attorneys can help you determine if you are eligible for compensation for your injuries.

Causes of Slip and Fall Accidents

  • Liquid spilled on the walkways
  • Snow or ice on the ground
  • Violations of safety code
  • Sidewalks, pavements, or driveways that are cracked or broken

Why Do I Need a Personal Injury Lawyer?

Larger Case Settlement

With an Advocate on your side, you’ll have a team of friendly, personal injury attorneys available to you 24/7, if you have any questions about your case. When you’re injured because of a property owner’s negligence, you’re entitled to compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, pain & suffering, and costs of any injuries you’ve had from a slip and fall.

Aggressive and Persistent Representation

Having over two decades of experience dealing with slip and fall accidents, our personal injury attorneys will offer you the best representation in the state of Utah. As always, The Advocates won’t charge you a penny until we win your case.

We Know Your Rights

It can still be difficult to get insurance companies to cooperate and do their part to assist you in your recovery from your personal injury. With the help from an Advocate, we’ll fight to make sure your rights are fully exercised and you’re treated fairly by both the legal system and the insurance company.

Who Should I Call?

The Advocates have the resources and knowledge base to determine whether your case is a winnable one. Our attorneys have the assets needed to build you a strong settlement case for your slip and fall injuries.

Don’t hesitate to speak with one of our attorneys. The call is FREE and we are here to help you! Just call (801)-326-0809 or chat with one of our attorneys on our homepage. Your one call away from getting the compensation you deserve!