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Utah Motorcycle Accidents


Motorcycle Accident Settlements

Few experiences compare to the exhilaration and freedom of riding a motorcycle, and few states come close to the incredible natural beauty of Utah. There’s nothing quite like riding a motorcycle northeast from St. George to Salt Lake City and then all the way up to Snowville. It truly is an unparalleled adventure. Indeed, the renowned tourist website lists motorcycle riding as one of the best ways to see all that Utah has to offer.

Unfortunately, a motorcycle accident is one of the most dangerous roadway accidents a person can be involved in. The physical damage motorcycle victims sustain from their accidents is often long-term and potentially debilitating. Where a person in an automobile has the benefit of airbags, seat belts, and anti-lock brakes to protect them from the full brunt of a collision, motorcyclists have little protection beyond a helmet to keep them safe. It is not uncommon for motorcycle accident victims to suffer serious injuries, disability, or even death.

Since motorcycle accidents can be so catastrophic, it is important to know and understand your legal rights, and the relevant insurance laws in Utah, as well. One of the most common problems motorcycle accident victims face after an accident is not having enough insurance to cover the costs of medical bills, property damage, and other associated expenses. Since Utah only requires motorcyclists to have basic liability, many of them skimp on insurance coverage and eventually find themselves unable to making ends meet after an accident.

Similar to most other types of accidents, motorcycle accident cases often hinge on the legal concept of negligence.  The Legal Information Institute defines negligence as a “failure to behave with the level of care that someone of ordinary prudence would have exercised under the same circumstances.” In order to determine if negligence plays apart in your accident ask yourself if someone behaved in a reckless manner that ultimately led to the accident? If you were the victim of a motorcycle accident, you should expect the at-fault party’s insurance company to attempt to downplay your accident in order to reduce the amount of damages you are entitled to. The best way to safeguard your legal rights is to hire a personal injury attorney with The Advocates. You can contact The Advocates 7 days a week for a free evaluation of your case.

How Can a Personal Injury Lawyer Help Me?

A common strategy insurance companies tend to use against motorcycle accident victims is to deny liability for the accident and any losses the victim suffered. They will blame motorcycle victims for their accidents by trotting out cliched stereotypes about motorcyclists being reckless speedsters with a complete disregard for basic traffic laws. A denial of liability can seem devastating to a motorcycle accident victim. Medical bills that result from a motorcycle accident can be steep and motorcycle insurance often doesn’t offer much coverage. Unlike automobile insurance plans, Utah does not require insurance providers to offer Personal Injury Protection (PIP) to those buying motorcycle insurance.

Without adequate insurance coverage, motorcycle accident victims frequently find themselves in a lurch after their accident. Their medical bills might slip into collections. They no longer have reliable transportation. And they’re unable to work due to pain and injury. Hiring a personal injury attorney is the best way to help you get back on your feet again. The attorneys with The Advocates have decades of experiences helping motorcycle accident victims just like you. Nobody wants to negotiate with a pushy insurance adjuster while they are still reeling from the psychological stress and emotional trauma of their accident. We can negotiate in your stead to help you receive a fair settlement for your injuries and losses. We will thoroughly build your personal injury case step by step.

The most important benefit to hiring a personal injury attorney to represent your case, however, is for their legal knowledge and expertise. Motorcycle accidents can quickly become complex and difficult to build properly. The personal injury lawyers at The Advocates will know and understand the complicated ins and outs of your case since they’ve already handled hundreds of cases similar to yours. Your Advocate will know just how to use the insurance laws to protect your rights and help you obtain a just settlement according to Utah law.

What Is My Personal Injury Case Worth?

Just as no two people are alike, neither will two motorcycle accident cases be the same. So many factors go into building a motorcycle accident, so it can be difficult to put an exact number on any one case. Without having your case evaluated by an experienced lawyer, it’s hard to determine just how much your motorcycle accident case will inevitably be worth.

Generally speaking, though, motorcycle accident cases are calculated according to two specific types of damages: economic and noneconomic. Economic damages include quantitative losses such as medical bills, lost wages, property damage, and any other expenses that can be tabulated. Noneconomic damages typically refer to expenses that are more intangible like pain and suffering, visible scars, the age of the victim, and impact on lifestyle. An experienced personal injury attorney can help you assess the details of your motorcycle accident claim so you can demand maximum compensation for the injuries and losses you suffered. Don’t wait. Contact the Advocates today for a free evaluation of your case.

Statute of Limitations

Like any other personal injury case, motorcycle accident victims have a specified window in which they can take legal action. This specific time window is known as the statute of limitations (SOL).  For instance, if you are the victim of a motorcycle accident in the state of Utah, you will have 4 years to pursue a personal injury claim against the person or parties responsible. If you allow this window to pass, your chance to pursue a motorcycle accident claim passes as well. The statute of limitations differs from state to state, and as mentioned, clarifies four years for personal injury cases in Utah.

Utah Motorcycle Accident Statistics

Motorcycle accidents affect thousands of people every year. The National Highway Traffic Safety Association reports that motorcyclist deaths happen 27 times more often than deaths in other vehicles. This higher number can be attributed to some of the unique difficulties faced by motorcyclists. For example, motorcyclists are harder to see than other vehicles on the road.  Cars making a left-hand turn frequently strike motorcyclists who are going straight through the intersection or are passing the car. These types of collisions account for 42 percent of motorcycle accidents. Also, if the driver of a car is not paying close attention, the motorcyclists can slip into the driver’s blindspot without realizing the motorcyclist has done so.

Another unique concern for motorcycle riders is the fact that motorcyclists have less protection than the protection of an enclosed vehicle. For example, wearing a t-shirt, shorts, and flip-flops might not make much of a difference when riding in a car; however, if you are wearing such clothing and are involved in a motorcycle accident, the results can be devastating if you crash and slide out. For this reason, recommends wearing specific gear for riding like leather or another type of reinforced jacked along with proper shoes. Even bright colors will help motorcyclists be seen.

Obviously the thrills and excitement of motorcycle riding are attractive to many people. According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, during the past decade, there has been a significant increase in registered motorcycle drivers in the United States. Correspondingly, motorcycle fatalities have risen slightly in recent years. The Insurance Information Institute reports in 2015, 4,976 people died in a motorcycle accident. This statistic was an 8.3 percent increase from 2014.

While more and more people want to experience the adventures that motorcycles offer, the statistics cited above paint a grim picture for many potential riders. Each time a rider gets on a motorcycle, they incur certain risks that other motor vehicle operators do not.  As Tim Huber, a writer for notes, “Arguably, motorcycling requires more focus and brain function than driving a car. The act itself is both more physically and mentally draining . . . There are more variables and therefore more opportunities for error. . . . when things go wrong on a motorcycle, consequences can be exponentially worse.” Fortunately, there some ways to reduce such risks. While it is impossible to eliminate them entirely, some prevention might save someone’s life.

Motorcycle prevention has proved effective in some respects. Wearing the proper gear, as mentioned above can make a difference. Similarly, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the single most effective way for individuals to save lives and money with motorcycle accidents is wearing a helmet. While this does not eliminate your risk entirely, helmets have proven to reduce the risk of death by 37 percent and the risk of serious head injury by 69 percent.  For example, helmets saved 1,772 lives in 2015.

Additionally, educating both those on motorcycles and those in cars can be an effective means of preventing accidents. For example, education courses like those offered Motorcycle Safety Foundation or Utah Ridered can provide some tips and pointers for avoiding common mistakes with regard to motorcycle riding. For example, according to the legal encyclopedia, majority of accidents involving motorcycles and cars occur when the car strikes the motorcycle from the front (78 percent of the time). Understanding this can change the way you drive and can reduce your level or risk.

Free Consultations

One thing that separates The Advocates from other personal injury firms is that we offer free case evaluations to any and all motorcycle accident victims. When an attorney with The Advocates evaluates your case, they will go over the details of your motorcycle accident and give you advice about the best logical steps for your case moving forward. We will accurately assess the details of your motorcycle accident and help you determine what’s best for your case.

If you cannot visit one of the many locations we have throughout Utah, we will come meet you instead. You can call our office at 801-326-0809 or even chat online right now with a live attorney. Our attorneys have worked thousands of motorcycle accident claims over the years, so we are experts at helping accident victims recover what they are legally owed. So, don’t wait to get back on the road to recovery. You deserve an Advocate!