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If you have suffered a disability and are unable to work, you need an Advocate on your side!

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A Social Security Disability Attorney Can Help You

The process required to obtain social security disability benefits can seem difficult, if not impossible to navigate on your own. The forms you must fill out are unreasonably complicated. Each month, the Social Security Administration receives and reviews hundreds of thousands of new disability applications. Applying for disability assistance can seem an impossible task.

Not to worry. The Advocates understand what you’re going through and we are ready to help. Over the years, our Social Security Disability attorneys have helped thousands of disabled clients get the benefits they deserve according to federal law. No matter if you have already been denied or have just begun the process of filing, The Advocates are ready to help you obtain the SSD benefits you deserve. Contact our office to Speak with an Advocate about your situation! Call 1-888-565-5277 or chat online with a live attorney. You deserve an Advocate!

$2.5 Million

Head-on Car Crash

$1.3 Million

Side Impact Auto Accident

$1.0 Million

Side Impact Car Crash

$1.1 Million

Semi-Truck Auto Accident

$1.2 Million

Multiple Vehicle Collision

The motto at The Advocates is, ‘We don’t get paid unless you do.’ Put simply, if our attorneys are unable to obtain social security benefits for your claim, you won’t owe us a dollar in attorney fees. We treat every case as if it were our own at The Advocates, so if you don’t get paid, then we shouldn’t either. That is our commitment to you and your SSD case. Once we do win your case, you will owe us 25% of all past due benefits up to $6,000.
Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits are meant for anyone who has suffered an illness or injury which has left them unable to work. Eligibility for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits is calculated by strict guidelines set out by the Social Security Administration (SSA). Please review the SSA’s list of eligible impairments to see if you qualify. The Advocates only accept clients with the following qualifications: • You must receive and continue medical treatment during the life of your claim • You are unable to work or seek employment • You must be able to attend all hearings, conferences, and examinations
The Advocates encourage you to contact our attorneys as soon as you are able. We prefer to handle every aspect of your claim so we can make sure no errors or mistakes are made that might cause you a denial status. No matter where you are in the process, however, the attorneys with The Advocates are ready to help you! We can assist in handling your claim no matter if you have already been denied benefits or still have yet to apply. The attorneys with The Advocates can help guide you through the entire process. You deserve an Advocate!
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How Can The Advocates Help Me Get Social Security Benefits?

When you hire The Advocates to represent your case, you don’t have to worry about paying any upfront fees or consultation costs. Our attorneys work on what’s known as a contingency basis. This means that we don’t get paid unless you do. If we don’t win your case, you don’t owe us a dime in attorney fees. That’s our promise to you. Below are a few more ways The Advocates can help you:

  • • Build You the Best Disability Claim
  • • Negotiate the Best Settlement Possible
  • • Compile All of Your Medical Records
  • • Listen to Your Story
"From Day 1, my SSD attorney has been the best...Very friendly, helpful, and not once did he drop the ball. He took my case home with a win. I truly and sincerely appreciate him for every step taken along the way." - T. Thompson


Social Security Disability (SSD) and Disability Insurance (SSDI) Lawyer

Personal Injury lawyersOne of the best ways to ensure you receive the best value from your Social Security Disability claim is to hire an attorney as soon as possible. The process to obtain benefits can be especially complex and time-consuming, so a single mistake or error could very well cause your claim to be denied. When it comes to defining who does and does not deserve the ‘disabled’ designation, the federal government is particularly strict. This means the process put in place to obtain SSD benefits is both difficult and rigorous for anyone who is not a trained legal professional. This is why The Advocates encourage you to reach out to our SSD attorneys as early in the process as you can. Our attorneys prefer to handle every aspect of your claim to make sure no mistakes or errors are made which could lead to denial status.

Regardless of where you are in the social security disability process, however, the attorneys with The Advocates are ready to help you. We can assist in setting up your claim no matter if you have already been denied benefits or getting ready to apply. The Advocates can help guide you through the entire SSD process. You deserve an Advocate!

When you hire The Advocates to represent your disability claim, you will work with our expert Social Security Disability (SSD) and Social Security Disability Income (SSDI) attorney Brad Johnson. For years now, Brad has helped thousands of disabled clients from over 30 states successfully navigate the confusing SSD process.

Below are just a few types of disability claims The Advocates can help you with:

  • Appeal Denied Claims: Successfully appealing a denied SSD claim is practically impossible without an experienced attorney since your claim must be reviewed by an administrative judge, an entire appeals council, and finally a federal court.
  • Spinal Disability Claims: Complications involving the spine and back could leave you unable to work for months at a time, if not for years. Not to worry. The Advocates will help you file a successful claim.
  • Mental Health Disability Claims: Our SSD attorneys can assist with claims involving mental health conditions such as PTSD, Bipolar Disorder, Schizophrenia, Autism, Depression, ADHD, and several other personality disorders.
  • Security Income (SSI): If you do not qualify for SSD, then our attorneys might be able to help you apply for Supplemental Security Income (SSI).

Your Social Security Disability Case Deserves the Best Attorney Possible!

Don’t wait. Contact an SSD lawyer with The Advocates about your disability case today! Call 1-888-565-5277 for a free consultation with our attorney Brad Johnson or chat immediately with him at the bottom of your screen. Your social security disability claim deserves an Advocate!

The Advocates accept disability clients throughout the entire United States. Our offices in Montana, Washington, Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming better help us serve clients in the following states: Montana, Washington, Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, California, Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, Oregon, and New Mexico.

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