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Consider continuing education with The Advocates Personal Injury Lawyers and Accident Attorneys now.

Whether you’re a lifelong learner or you want to develop the skills and knowledge that can prepare you to be more successful in your career, such as licensing requirements and more. The Utah Advocates can help. We offer a many classes in deifferent industries all the time. If we think it will help you and our local community we try to make it happen. The classes we try to offer are a range of individual, professional development and test-preparation courses, as well as certificate programs for many of the continuing education areas listed here:

  • Accounting and Finance
  • Business and Management
  • Criminal Justice and Security
  • Chiropractic or Medical
  • Human Services
  • Nursing and Health Care
  • Social Media / Marketing
  • Technology

Choose from:

Individual courses that cover everything from business and finance to nursing and health administration. These courses are credit bearing and typically come from our degree programs.
General electives courses that may be transferable** to your degree program — to help you graduate on time.

Courses for educators that can help you meet potential endorsement, recertification or professional development requirements.

Test-preparation courses that ready you for industry-recognized exams for human resource managers, project managers professionals and prospective teachers or any other field we can organize for you.
Certificate programs that provide a deeper exploration into areas such as human resources, project management, health administration, accounting, technology and medical or chiropractive fields.

Non-credit professional development courses that can help you become a better and give you an extra edge in life.

When we can we like to help you quickly build the skills and knowledge you need to take on new challenges — while feeling like part of a learning environment designed to support your professional and educational growth. Select the courses if you would like to attend at no charge, we like to help make learning convenient for your schedule when available. Most courses have frequent start dates year-round, and can be completed in as little as five to nine weeks.