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Finding Good Accident Attorneys in Utah

Car, Truck, Bike And Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

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A person who’s been in an accident and believes they have a claim should consider hiring an accident attorney.

The first thing that a potential client needs to rule out is hiring an accident attorney who usually represents insurance companies. Even though these attorneys claim that they will fight for any client they take on, there might be an unconscious bias. These attorneys might not fight as hard for a client as they could.

After this, the client will need to find an attorney who is experienced in handling his or her sort of claim. There are several ways to find good, experienced accident attorneys. The prospective client should gather together a list of several accident attorneys and vet them. Unlike searching for a doctor or a building remodeler, the client is at risk of being rejected by an attorney for a variety of reasons. One particular lawyer might not take on the case because he or she believes it’s not winnable or the amount of money the client might win isn’t worth the effort.

The potential client can get referrals from people he or she knows who have had a good experience with a certain accident attorney. The client can also speak to other lawyers about accident attorneys, as lawyers often refer other lawyers to clients. The client can also look up an attorney through the local bar association, which might have its own referral service. However, the client needs to meet face to face with a lawyer in order to make the best choice.

How To Tell If It’s the Right Lawyer

The client should set up an appointment with the lawyer and discuss his or her claim. Usually, the lawyer won’t charge for a consultation, though the client should ask if the lawyer charges. If he or she does, the client should find another lawyer who doesn’t. The client should bring relevant documents to the consultation, including the police report, medical records, bills, information about how much income he or she has lost as the result of the accident and letters and e-mails to and from insurance companies.

The client should find out the following about the lawyer:

  • How long has he or she been practicing?
  • How many of his or her cases involve personal injury?
  • Would the lawyer handle the client’s case personally or pass it on to another, less experienced lawyer? This isn’t unusual nor does it mean that the case will be handled with less vigor than the client expects. But the client needs to know which lawyer will be handling their case.
  • The client should also get some idea of how difficult the lawyer thinks the case will be.
  • The lawyer’s fee needs to be agreed upon.

These are tips that will make finding an accident attorney just a little bit easier.