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Defective Drug Cases




Defective Drugs – Information for Side Effects from Dangerous Drugs

Increasingly, the number of drugs thought to be safe to treat illness and disease, and to improve the quality of life, like those that help patients with weight loss and depression, have ended up being some of the most harmful personal injury drugs. More media attention has shown the public the long-term and permanent injuries and other complications some of these defective drugs can have on your health and quality of life. Though federal guidelines require vigorous testing and scrutiny for these drugs before they are deemed safe for the public, often the side effects, even deadly ones, take years to appear; drugs that the public thought to be safe and beneficial may end up doing more harm than good.

There have also been instances when drug companies have chosen profit over safety and have hidden knowledge of dangerous side-effects in order to get FDA approval. While a drug may be helpful for certain aspects of a disorder, there have been multiple instances when a defective drug ends up causing serious injury, terrible side effects, and even death. Sometimes prescriptions are rushed to market without adequate testing and people can be injured or even die before the FDA can identify what the defective drug’s side effects can have.

These reasons and others have been the basis of several cases where a pharmaceutical company has been liable for the damage they caused in selling defective drugs. There have been defective drug class action lawsuits and settlements from the injury caused by these harmful drugs. Because of the volume of defective drugs that were once on the market that has now caused serious injuries and harmful long-term side effects, The Advocates have significant experience with several mass torts and cases against pharmaceutical companies. The Advocates have won millions of dollars for their clients who have suffered injuries from using defective drugs, from weight loss medication to birth control. The Advocates have the expertise you need to effectively litigate a defective drug case against the pharmaceutical companies’ lawyers and legal teams, and have won countless cases on behalf of our clients’.

There are defective drug stories and reports all over the web, in the news, social media, and on television. With all of the cases and settlements related to defective drugs, it can sometimes be difficult to determine if you have a good defective prescription drugs injury lawsuit.  If you are unsure if you have a case from defective prescription drugs contact the experts at The Advocates today by calling (801) 326-0809 for a free consultation.

Defective Drug Injury

Depending on the type of defective drugs you used, the length you used the prescription medication, the reason you were prescribed the medication, and how the defective prescription affected your body, there can be many different facets to determine if you have a potential defective drug injury lawsuit. When you experience side effects from defective drugs that are more serious, have lengthy or lifelong effects, or cause the death of a loved one, there can be a variation in how much compensation you deserve from the pharmaceutical companies or their insurance companies. In other cases, if you have had to receive additional treatments or incur additional medical costs for doctor visits or surgery, this can also impact on the compensation that you deserve.

Due to these complexities, your defective drug injury lawyer can help you determine the best course of action for your case or settlement. In some cases, a defective drug may already have a class action lawsuit pending, or settlement money already set aside for patients who experienced a defective prescription injury. When you are seeking compensation for your defective drug injuries, working with an attorney that has experience and knowledge in defective drug cases can help ensure that you receive fair and adequate compensation for your injuries.

Even if a pharmaceutical company has been found liable for patient injuries, or settlement money has been awarded to those with injuries from mass torts, the pharmaceutical companies employ teams of lawyers and legal experts to help keep settlement costs down and protect their profits. With that in mind, you need competent representation to negotiate, and in some instances litigate, on your behalf, to ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve for your defective drug injury. The Advocates at Driggs, Bills, and Day have several years’ experience and have represented thousands of clients who have been injured by defective drugs.

The legal experts at Driggs, Bills, & Day have represented clients for defective drug injuries from a wide variety of harmful prescriptions, including Fen-Phen, Vioxx, Yazz/Yasmin and many others. Our legal team’s experience with harmful drug cases means you can rest assured that you’re working with a defective drugs lawyer that has the skills needed to protect your rights and financial interests.

Defective Drugs Need To Know

Every year countless Americans suffer an injury due to defective prescription drugs and the list of defective drugs, and even over the counter medications, continues to grow each day. Pay attention to the web, news media, and any others who report defective drugs news, as there is helpful information regarding defective drugs cases, and receiving compensation that could protect you in the future.  Due to the many potential side-effects in defective drugs, one should be aware that they could cause birth defects and other permanent injuries. A defective drug injury case can be extremely complex, so if here are some simple tips to help protect yourself from dangerous or harmful defective drugs, and how to proceed if you believe you have been harmed by defective drugs:

  1. Your health is the most important concern when it comes to any medications. If you suspect that you have been injured by using a defective prescription drug, you should seek medical attention at once. The legal professionals at The Advocates can help defend your rights against pharmaceutical companies, but you need a health professional to help protect and ensure your future wellness.
  2. If you have seen a defective drug report or news for a prescription medication that you are taking,  see your medical professional.  Do not stop taking medication that has been prescribed to you. Even though you may have seen defective drugs news, do not stop taking a drug prescribed by your physician without your physician telling you to stop taking the medication. If your doctor agrees that you have been injured due to a defective drug, they will at that point advise you to stop taking the drug and to dispose of the medication. While you should heed your doctor’s advice and stop the medication, you should keep the medication as evidence in the event that you need to seek compensation for defective drug injuries.
  3. Be sure to keep any receipts, bottles, or packaging from the defective drugs to keep as evidence in the event that you become injured or have serious side effects from a defective drug. While your medical and prescription records should show if you have taken defective medication that was prescribed to you if you have taken over the counter defective drugs you will need evidence for your attorney to help you win your claim or litigation.
  4. Contact a defective drug attorney. The pharmaceutical companies and insurance companies employ teams of medical and legal professionals to help protect their interests. If you think you have been injured from complications from a defective drug or your doctor has informed you that you are the victim of a defective prescription – call the defective drug lawyers at The Advocates today. Don’t let your injury become another profit for the pharmaceutical companies, call now at (801) 326-0809.

Defective Drug Lawsuits

Normally in an attempt to keep settlement amounts as low as possible, the pharmaceutical companies will try to offer settlements and payouts at lower amounts to victims of their defective drugs in an attempt to keep awards as low as possible. Filing a lawsuit against a big insurance or pharmaceutical company that employs teams of expert lawyers and medical professionals can be a daunting and expensive process. Because the costs associated with a lawsuit against large corporations can be astronomical, most people that suffer a defective drug injury will simply accept a settlement offer hoping to get any money toward the costs they have incurred due to their injury.

The defective drug attorneys at The Advocates are contingency lawyers. The lawyers working your case are only paid if, and when, they win your case. This takes the financial risk away from a defective drug lawsuit and gives the victim an opportunity to have competent representation for their case. At The Advocates, our goal is to protect our client’s rights, to aid in their recovery, and to get them the most money possible for compensation. At The Advocates, we know the damage, pain, and long-term effects a defective prescription drug can cause. We are here to fight on your behalf and make sure you get the money you deserve.

Defective Drug Class Action

You may have seen advertisements for a class-action suit against big pharmaceutical companies because of the number of victims that have been injured from a defective prescription drug that was prescribed around the country. A class action lawsuit happens when a group uses a liable party rather than one individual suing, one case at a time. When a company has been found liable for a harmful prescription drug, people can take advantage of suing as a group and this can help save time and court costs, as well as legal fees. A defensive drug class action lawsuit is often referred to as a mass tort, a mass tort is effectively the same as a class action where numerous plaintiffs take civil action against one or a few corporate defendants in state or federal court. The defective drug attorneys at The Advocates have fought and won several successful mass torts against pharmaceutical companies and have the experience you need to get you the compensation you deserve.

Defective Drug Legal Fees

Often times, victims of a defective prescription drug injury will be afraid to take civil action against a large company out of fear of the legal costs and the financial risk of losing their case or being unable to reach a fair settlement outside of court. The Advocates understand this risk and have modeled their service to help remove the stress and cost of defective drug legal fees from filing a claim or lawsuit. At The Advocates, you don’t pay until we win your case or have settled your claim on your behalf. We have gained a reputation in the industry for aggressively negotiating and litigating on behalf of our clients to get them the best results, and the most money possible for their claim. Our experience in litigating against big pharmaceutical companies and mass torts for defective drugs makes us notorious for getting our clients the compensation they deserve.