Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney – Is It Worth It?

Is it worth hiring a Personal Injury Attorney?

It is common knowledge that lawyers can be expensive. If you have been injured, you may be wondering if you can just work out your personal injury claim yourself and keep that contingency fee. However, hiring a personal injury lawyer can have several benefits including a larger settlement.

1. Your inexperience could decimate your settlement.

Represented plaintiffs tend to receive bigger settlements than those who chose the DIY route. The road to a winning PI claim is full pitfalls. You may not know at all what your settlement is worth. With that knowledge, the opposing party could offer you a sparkly offer at the beginning of the case that will end up being much too low to cover your loss. Once you have accepted a settlement, you cannot get more money.

2. The complexity of the personal injury process could make you quit before seeing a penny.

Any legal claim is mired in big words, weird procedures, and intimidating paperwork. I think the lawyers I know actually like paperwork. If however, you do not like filling in spreadsheets and typing up reports with strict attention to minute details, an attorney can help you navigate the red tape and moving hoops of a PI claim.

3. Will an attorney advocate for you in ways you did not know you needed?

Have you heard of Personal Injury Protection? Did you know you were entitled to it at the beginning of the process? Your attorney would. Your attorney knows more about the law than you (insurance adjusters not included) and that knowledge could really help you get a better settlement.

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