I Want Revenge on the Defendant. What Should I Do?

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If you have been seriously injured in an accident so much that your life may never be the same that you may never walk again, do the things you love, or play with your children because someone acted negligently or recklessly can be devastating and infuriating. You may want to really hurt the person who caused you pain. You may want to cause them as much pain as they caused you. You may come into my office full of pain, anger, and indignation. Know that I understand that, and I am prepared to help you work through that.

Acknowledge Your Pain

I am always frank with my clients. During our first conversation. I am going to tell you that I do not have a hit man on speed dial. I am going to tell you that my skill set only goes so far, but I will never tell you that have no right to be angry. Anger is a valid part of the process. I work in personal injury law because someone hit my mom with a truck. She was killed. I was angry too.

Attorneys no longer use their skills to have at-fault parties burned at the stake. I only have civil remedies, like monetary damages and injunctions to attempt to make you as whole a possible when it may never be possible to be whole again.

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