Advocates Sue State Bar in Federal Court

The Advocates Response to the Utah State Bar Lawsuit

Recently, The Advocates have been getting some media attention related to our lawsuit with the Utah Bar Association. For years, The Advocates has sponsored radio ads throughout the state of Utah. These ads have described the services we provide, as well as the benefits of choosing The Advocates to represent clients as their injury attorneys. These ads have typically been read by the radio DJ, who is an employee of the station we had chosen.

The Utah Bar Association has taken issue with these live ads describing them as “celebrity endorsements.” They claim that a celebrity endorsement would violate some of the policies set forth by a small committee of the Utah Bar Association. We at The Advocates respectfully disagree that these ads are in any way inappropriate or that they even constitute celebrity endorsements. Thus, the purpose of our lawsuit is for the Federal Court to properly define the rule. We believe that these live ads constitute protected free speech and have not violated the rules that govern Utah attorneys.


“This is an unfortunate situation for sure. We love our local Bar, and our lawyers support the Bar and its members. We are not antagonistic towards the bar. I feel like I have a great relationship with the bar and I want to keep it that way. The Bar interprets the rule one way, and we are simply asking the Federal Court to clarify and protect our First Amendment rights.”

– Founder Matthew Driggs





For more information, we have included the legal complaint, a press release for media outlets, as well as some helpful information concerning the First Amendment.

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