5 Personal Injury Accident Scenarios that are Most Likely Your Own Fault

Friends and neighbors are always asking me to explain possible personal injury accident scenarios to them.band aid

“When is the accident my fault? When is it the other party’s fault?” they ask.

“Well that depends on the facts.” I answer.

“Explain,” they say.

“When you have been in an accident, come to my office, I’ll take care of you then.” I reply.

Everyone ends up disappointed, and I look like a slime ball.

The thing is, that it is hard to apply the law to facts in those kinds of situations. When I apply the law to facts, I am giving legal advice, and I really do not want to do that in a casual situation outside the office or over the Internet. We have not signed a representation agreement. I do not know what kind of confidentiality I owe you. You could act on my advice and sue me without me having taken the proper protections.

While I may not be able to answer specific questions outside the office, I can give you some solid advice about potential personal injury accident situations. If you find yourself injured after one of the following personal injury accident scenarios described below, you are most likely not getting any compensation because the accident was your own fault. However, you are always welcome to ask an Advocate during a free consultation if you think you are an exception.

Accident: After you get wasted, you fall down a set of stairs and into the street where you are run over by a car

This is an easy case. Any time you are voluntarily drunk, high, or impaired in any way, the accident is almost always your own fault. You were not acting reasonably because you did not have control of all your faculties.

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