Road Work Ahead! Drive Safely Through Construction Season

ConstructionStay Safe in Work Zones

1. Pay Attention and follow instructions

The first step in keeping safe in construction zones is to pay attention. Look out for constructions signs, and follow directions. Signage is placed on the road warning drivers of upcoming road construction long before road work begins so that drivers know to be alert to upcoming changes. Do not take these warnings for granted. Prepare to watch out for workers, trucks, and other vehicles by moving into the correct lane early and watching for brake lights.

2. Go the speed limit

While you may not want to slow down, always follow posted speed limits in construction zones. There can be soft humans in the road, who will not survive a collision with your speeding vehicle. The higher the speed the more life-threatening the injuries. The risk of getting into an accident increase as your speed increases. The speed limit has been lowered to protect drivers and road workers.

3. Increase the following distance

When conditions are more dangerous than normal experts recommend that drivers increase the following distance between vehicles. Rear-end accidents are the most common type of collision in construction zones, and they can be prevented by paying attention and giving yourself more space and time to react.

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