What are My Rights After My At-Fault Car Accident?

I Am Responsible For An Accident. Do I Have Any Rights?

If you are pretty sure the accident is your fault, do not panic. You still have rights. No one can drag you to jail or force you to medical expenses without any evidence. Take a deep breath. Keep calm and read on.

1. No one can send you to jail without due process.

Most traffic accidents do not involve someone getting arrested. The notable exceptions are for people with open warrants and people who are intoxicated. It is always best to report your accident to the police, but don’t worry about being carted off to jail for a fender bender. We are a nation of laws, and a traffic accident is an infraction, not a felony.

2. You will not compensate the other party without evidence.

If you think you may be responsible for the accident. Do not worry about money in the instant after it happens. Make sure is everyone is okay. Get medical treatment for those who need it. Call emergency personnel. Do not admit fault or apologize. All of that will be worked out later with insurance companies and paperwork. If someone wants to talk to you about money the same day as the accident, tell them to calm down and to wait for things to settle down.

3. You have the right to be safe from vindication or other crimes.

The fact that you may have caused an accident does not give anyone the right whether the victim, family member, or activist, to attack you threaten your safety, assault you, or verbally confront you. You are entitled to your personal safety. There are systems for compensating the injured parties, and they must use it.

4. You have the right to medical care and repair services. You will just pay for them.

If you are injured or your property is damaged in an accident, you still have a right to receive medical care and for your property to be repaired. The ambulance will take the most injured people to the hospital first. There is no place in triage to assign blame.

If it was an auto accident, you can use your own insurance to cover the cost of your automobile repairs. You will just have to pay the deductible. Your auto insurance can also cover some medical expenses under the personal injury protection portion of your policy.