The Ultimate Guide About What to do After a Semi Truck Accident

Utah Semi-Truck Accident Claim

Sharing the road with massive semi trucks can be a harrowing experience. Not only is it difficult to steer these great beasts of the road, but trying to stop them in the event of an emergency is virtually impossible. It’s no wonder that close to 6,000 people die in semi truck accidents each and every year in the United States.

Most semi truck accidents occur due to the negligence of a driver. Considering how many semi truck drivers are overworked and spend hours upon hours on the road with little or no rest, it’s common for semi truck accidents to be caused by fatigue or distraction. If you have been involved in a semi truck accident caused by the recklessness of another driver, then you should follow the guide below about what to do after a truck accident:

semi-truck crash what to do

Remain at the Scene of the Semi-Truck Accident

Even if the semi truck crash was not your fault, you should remain at the scene of the accident until police arrive. Many states consider leaving the scene of a crash to be a hit and run, so it is wise not to take any risks and just wait for the police to arrive. Besides, filing a police report about the semi truck is the best way to avoid any potential liability issues in the future. Just make sure you move yourself and your vehicle safely off to the side of the road. The last thing anyone wants after being involved in a semi truck accident is to be hit by another vehicle speeding by.

Check For Injuries and Call 911

Unfortunately, collisions with trucks as large as a semi trucks typically means victims could potentially suffer a serious injury. If you notice you are excessively bleeding, have bones that protrude, or are experiencing severe pain, do not hesitate to call emergency services as soon as possible. Be advised that you should not check on the condition of others in your vehicle or in the semi truck that hit you until you are absolutely certain you have not suffered a major injury. You will be little help to others if you suddenly lose consciousness.

Gather Evidence of the Semi-Truck Crash

While you’re waiting for the police to arrive, take the opportunity to gather evidence for your future semi truck accident claim. Pertinent evidence consists of photographs, video, and witness statements. Be sure to take photos or video of any injuries you may have suffered and the damage wrought upon your vehicle. Do your best to obtain the contact information, name/email/phone number, of anyone who might have witnessed the semi truck accident take place.

Exchange Information with the Semi Truck Driver

Feel free, as well, to trade information with the driver of the semi truck. You should trade the following pieces of information:

  • Names
  • Email Addresses
  • Phone Numbers
  • Your Driver’s License Numbers
  • Insurance Information
  • License Plate Numbers

If the semi truck driver is not forthcoming with this information, feel free to take photos of semi truck’s license plate and any other information, such as the company name and truck identification numbers, so that you may be able to track down the driver in the future. Be sure to make a note of the location where the semi truck accident occurred, as this will help the company employing the semi truck driver track down who was driving what route when.

Do Not Admit Fault

Once a police officer arrives at the scene of the semi truck crash, do whatever you can to not admit fault for the accident. Even if you believe you are 100% to blame for the semi truck crash, do not freely say the semi truck accident was due to your actions. Liability laws vary from state to state and have so many ins and outs that they can really only truly be understood by professionals. There’s no sense in ruining your chances at recovering a fair settlement for the injuries and losses you’ve suffered by mistakenly admitting fault mere moments after your semi truck crash.

Hire an Advocate for Your Semi-Truck Accident Claim

One of the most important steps you should take after being injured in a semi truck crash is to hire an experienced semi-truck accident lawyer. No one understands the demands and difficulties of such personal injury cases quite like a semi truck accident lawyer does.

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