Car Accident Leg Injury Utah

Utah Car Accident Leg Injury: A Definitive Guide

One of the most debilitating injuries an auto accident victim can suffer is a car accident leg injury. Indeed, close to 2 million Americans are permanently injured from car accidents each and every year. And many of these injuries are often to the legs, hips, and feet.

It’s an unfortunate reality that car accidents can cause untold destruction to the lives of victims, leaving them with painful injuries, potential PTSD, and a wrecked vehicle. If a car accident victim suffers a leg injury, they have the added burden of being unable to walk and move around as freely as they were before their accident. This guide is meant to help victims who have suffered a car accident leg injury understand what to expect during their recovery.

Car Accident Leg Injury Causes

When most people think of injuries caused by a car accidents they tend to think of back or spinal injuries and injuries to the head just as TBIs. According to the United States Department of Transportation (USDOT), though, over 40% of all accident victims involved in a frontal collision suffer some form of leg injury.

Indeed, car accident leg injuries frequently happen in frontal collisions due to how little leg room vehicles provide for occupants. Such a tight space makes it impossible for victims to move or shift during a car crash. And because of the short reaction time victims have as the space around their legs collapses, the legs are especially vulnerable to injury.

Frontal collisions and other types of car accidents can cause severe damage to every part of the leg, such as bones, ligaments, tendons, and even bones. This is why it’s important for car accident leg injury victims to know as much about their injuries as possible and to keep track of any and all treatments they receive.

The Most Frequent Types of Car Accident Leg Injuries

The legs are the strongest support system in the human body. When the legs are injured, victims find their normal daily routines are impossible to maintain. The first step in dealing with a car accident leg injury is to know as much about it as you are able. Below are the most frequently reported types of car accident leg injuries.

Broken Bones

From the hips to the toes, there are over 60 bones in the lower half of the human body. When a person is involved in an auto accident, all of these bones are put at risk of being broken or injured. Car accidents place a tremendous amount of force on the human body, and especially in the legs. Due to such extreme force, parts of the vehicle, such as the steering wheel, the car door, or even the glass in the windows, can smash and crush leg bones. Some bone breaks are so severe, in fact, that the victims require surgery in order to repair the damage. The symptoms of a broken bone include extreme pain, the inability to walk, and possibly bone joints that protrude unnaturally through the skin.

ACL Injury

Easily one of the most common leg injuries suffered by athletes, an injury to the ACL can be excruciating to bear. The Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) is the connective tissue stretching between the shinbone and thighbone. An ACL Injury can leave victims with the inability to properly move, twist, or pivot their injured leg in any direction. ACL injuries occur when a sudden, violent force contacts the knee, tearing the connective tissue. The symptoms of an ACL injury can be a persistent popping sound in the joints, excessive swelling, and an overall weakness in and around the knees. Many ACL injuries require surgery to repair the damage.

Torn Meniscus

Tearing of the meniscus cartilage is another particularly painful injury car accident victims suffer. The meniscus is a soft stretch of cartilage found in the knee that absorbs shock whenever the leg is in motion. When the meniscus is torn during a car accident, victims experience incredible pain and are unable to put any amount of pressure or weight on their knee cap. Symptoms of a torn meniscus are excessive swelling, chronic and sometimes severe pain, and stiffness when walking or running.

Treatment Options for Car Accident Leg Injuries

Despite being on of the most essential parts of the human body, the legs are often taken for granted. Without properly functioning legs, it is impossible to walk, run, or jump. Fundamentally, the legs are compact system of muscles, bones, and connective tissue. So when one part of the leg is injured, the entire system can become incapacitated.  Here are the following ways leg injuries are treated medically after a car accident:


A doctor will mold a cast made of plaster or possibly fiberglass that is specially conformed to fit a car accident victim’s leg. A cast is used to hold the leg in a particular position so the bones can heal back to their original position.

Metallic Bolts and Screws

If a fracture is too severe, medical professionals may have to use screws and bolts to fuse broken bones back together. Doctors often use steel screws or rods to connect the broken bones and only remove them after the injured areas have fully healed.

Walkers and Crutches

Doctors often require patients suffering from even minor leg injuries to use crutches or walkers to walk during their recovery period. There are a number of types of walkers available to victims of car accident leg injuries, including canes, steel walkers, crutches, and even motor scooters.

Leg injuries can take weeks up to several months to heal properly. It all depends on how devastating of a crash a victim endured and how soon they sought out medical treatment. The sooner a car accident victim gets back on the road to recovery the better.

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