Advocates Explainer: What is the Average Bicycle Accident Settlement in Utah?

Bicycle Accidents in Utah: All You Need to Know

There are few things worse in life than being out for a relaxing bike ride on a sunny afternoon and suddenly getting hit by a car. Considering how the average bicycle rider has little beyond a helmet to protect them in the event of a collision with a car, it’s no wonder that victims of bike accidents often suffer grave injuries. Such personal injury cases can quickly become complex, which is why victims should hire an experienced bicycle accident lawyer help them recover what they are owed according to Utah law.

If you are a bicyclist who has been injured in a crash, you will need the expertise of a bicycle accident attorney to help you fully assess the total damages you have suffered. An experienced bicycle accident lawyer will help you better understand the various factors and answer any questions you may have, such as: How much compensation after a bike accident?

Below is a guide to the most common factors used in determining the exact value of a bicycle accident.

Utah Bicycle Accident Injuries

Certainly, the first and, likely, most important factor a bicycle accident attorney would use to tabulate the total amount of damages any one bicycle accident victim incurred would be based around the injuries they suffered. Since bicycles offer precious little protection to their riders, bicycle accident victims often face long recovery periods and sky-high medical bills.

Injury damage following a bicycle accident is typically calculated according to two metrics: up-to-date medical costs and future medical treatment. The first metric is easy to calculate, given that it is based upon detailed medical records and bills the victim has already accumulated. The second metric can be more arbitrary, in that future medical expenses can be difficult to ascertain. Examples of future medical treatment are: follow-up surgeries, prescribed medication, physical therapy, continued chiropractic treatment, and rehabilitation.

The most common injuries a bicycle accident attorney sees from bicycle crashes are broken bones, back injuries, facial damage, Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs), injuries to the spinal cord, paralysis, and even psychological conditions such as PTSD.

Lost Wages – Bicycle Accident

Due to how long bicycle accident victims spend recovering from their injuries, it’s common for them to miss several days or even weeks of work afterward. A bicycle accident attorney can tabulate a victim’s exact lost wages by collecting past pay stubs, tax information, and sworn statements from the employer. If a bicycle accident victim suffers paralysis or a permanent injury that prevents them from performing the same duties they had before they injured, then the victim should consider seeking compensation for future wages they will no longer receive. A skilled bicycle accident attorney will likely hire recognized financial experts to determine just how much their client is entitled to.

Bicycle Property Damage in Utah

There’s little doubt who comes out the better in a crash involving a bicycle and a car. Accident victims often find their bicycles are no longer operable. With more and more people taking their bicycle riding habits more seriously, damaged bicycles can easily produce damages in the thousands. Some top-of-the-line bicycles can even cost upwards of 5 or 6-figures.

If your bike has been severely damaged by a crash with an automobile, you should ask your bicycle accident attorney to demand your bike be completely replaced instead of simply being repaired. Oftentimes, insurance adjusters will try to offer a meager sum to have your damaged bicycle to undergo repairs. They do this in order to save money for the company in which they are employed. An experienced bicycle accident attorney will see through such a rouse and demand they replace the bike entirely. Don’t let insurance adjusters swindle you out of what you are legally owed.

Bicycle Accident Pain and Suffering

Pain and suffering after a bicycle accident in Utah is considered a compensatory damage, otherwise known as non-economic damages. Pain and suffering damages are the most subjective type of damages a bicycle accident victim can suffer, in that it is difficult to show actual evidence of the loss. Examples of pain and suffering damages include:

  • Continued emotional distress
  • Mental suffering
  • A Loss of Constortium Claim
  • Temporary or permanent disability
  • Public humiliation

Utah Bicycle Accidents

If you are a bicyclist who has been injured in a collision with a motor vehicle, you will need an experienced bicycle accident attorney to help you through the aftermath. The bicycle accident lawyers with the Advocates know just how to help you recover what you are owed according to Utah law. Don’t wait to get back on the road to recovery. You can contact a bicycle accident attorney with the Advocates today by either calling (801) 326-0809 or by chatting online right now from our homepage. With an Advocate on your side, your recovery will always be our first priority. You deserve an Advocate!