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Increased Motorcycle Safety through Simulators

Increased Motorcycle Safety through Simulators |


Motorcycle Simulator

Increased Motorcycle Safety through Simulators


Often, researchers and investigators gather their motorcycle safety data after the motorcycle accident has taken place. This method is highly unreliable considering they must question the motorcyclist, other drivers, or any witnesses regarding the accident who all have their own idea of what happened. Also, in order to enhance motorcycle safety features, engineers would like to know what exactly the rider did during the emergency situation.

Simulations for Motorcycle Safety

In the past few decades motorcycles have been outfitted with safety systems that can lessen motorcycle accidents. For example, antilock braking was first introduced as an option for BMW motorcycles in 1988. Slowly but surely, more motorcycle manufacturers added this safety feature option. However, adding warning features to enhance motorcycle safety would require having intricate knowledge of how the rider interacts with their motorcycle.

A motorcycle simulator would be able to gain that knowledge moreso than from someone recalling their riding skills. Yet there are some downsides to using simulation to enhance motorcycle safety. A user of the simulator would expect it to act in the same way as a regular motorcycle, and if it doesn’t, then the readings that output from the simulation would not be trustworthy to transfer to motorcycle manufacturers.

One university sought to create a better motorcycle simulation rig. For the test, researchers had the participants ride along a simulated road while on the rig, performing lane changes and avoiding obstacles. Avoiding obstacles kept in line with how motorcyclists would do so on the open road but lane changing still needed some work since the rider did not handle the rig as well as a regular motorcycle during the simulation.

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