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Getting a Payout for an Auto Accident


Automobile Accident Attorney


What Do You Do If You Were Hit by an Automobile?

If you were injured in an automobile accident, the repercussions could cause loss of work, personal damage and serious health set-backs. All of these elements will not only create emotional stress in your life, but will also increase your financial hardships. The first step to getting rid of the stress thrown into your life – because of the automobile accident – is to call an experienced auto attorney about your claim.

Why Should I Call an Automobile Attorney About My Claim?

Simply put, experienced automobile accident attorneys will greatly increase the payout you receive from the insurance company of the person or company you are filing a claim against. If you don’t consult an auto attorney, it is likely that the insurance company will offer you a final estimate that is below what you need and deserve. In the end, automobile attorneys will help you receive maximum compensations for your injuries.

The Advocates

The Advocates are not only experienced auto accident attorneys, but also provide a service that keeps their automobile accident attorneys on-call 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Our attorneys are always ready and at your fingertips to answer any questions you have about your case, regardless of whether it is day or night. In addition, The Advocates promise to put their client’s needs first. With The Advocates, you will feel that YOU matter the most, and nothing can stand in our way of getting you the maximum payout that you deserve. Another way we put our clients first with The Advocates is our experienced auto accident attorneys will travel anywhere in Washington state to meet you, whether you are located in Seattle or anywhere else. If you have any questions about your case – or the situations in your claim – our experienced automobile accident attorneys will meet with you for free. Here with The Advocates, we offer a free consultation, and there will be no cost to our clients until after we have settled their case.

Washington State Automobile Accidents

The Washington Traffic Safety Commission (WTSC) reported over 140,000 collisions and 1,000,000 tickets in 2015. Every accident has an at fault individual and an innocent party. If you were the victim of another automobile driver’s reckless driving, call The Advocates today at 206-452-4200.