Gas Line Explosions and Your Legal Rights

What is a Gas Line Explosion?

A gas line explosion occurs when an ignition source (lighter, match, etc.) goes off in the vicinity of a gas leak. There are types of explosive gas: natural, propane, methane and butane. There are other types of gas, like hydrogen and combustible, that can also cause explosions.

These explosions are a cataclysmic event that can lead to horrific burns, physical injuries, smoke inhalation and much worse. Whether through accident or incompetence, if under any circumstance you or someone you know is the victim of such an incident, you have to get in touch with a gas line explosion lawyer immediately.

Unfortunately, you can put the most stringent safety measures in place to prevent an explosion and it could still happen. We’re hearing more and more stories about industrial gas explosions and underground explosions that send manholes flying dangerously in public areas.

Despite the advancements in technology, gas systems are still incredibly complex, unpredictable and dangerous. No company wants to see anyone hurt, but it happens. You need to reach out to a gas line explosion attorney after your life is turned upside down by one of these explosions.

Investigating and Preparing the Case

When there’s a gas line explosion, people could be hurt or worse, the property will be destroyed and there could be fires or dangerous gas leaks. It’s important to retain a lawyer that specializes in these matters right away. The sooner the team gets to work, the greater chance to establish fault. They have to question witnesses and locate evidence before it’s removed. Your lawyer will make sure your case is strong and your legal defense is prepared to withstand any challenge from even the world’s largest insurance company.

If you or a loved one has suffered physically or financially from a gas line explosion, you need to take advantage of the laws that allow you to get repairs made, recover lost wages and medical expenses, and other punitive damages. Initiate a consultation with a gas line explosion attorney.  Once hired, they will use the legal system, safety guidelines, and local laws to protect your rights and recover the compensation you deserve.

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