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About a year ago, I had a case that I’ll never forget.

It all happened at a local restaurant. To get into the establishment, customers had to open the door and climb five rather steep stairs until they were in the restaurant proper. The stairs were covered in old, shabby carpet, ripped in several places, and jutting out into the … CONTINUE READING

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9 Ways to Survive Your Winter Accident

Kevin’s morning was bad from the start.  To start, he woke up later than he should have.  He must have hit the snooze button without even realizing it.  When his alarm finally went off, he looked at the clock and fumbled out of bed, stumbling toward the shower.  His wife, still in bed, groaned as he stomped around in the dark.  Then, for whatever reason, his shower seemed colder than usual.  It seemed like nothing was quite like the warm, comfort of his bed.

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work is reward

When Work is its Own Reward

A few years back, my family and I were standing atop the Eiffel Tower, mesmerized by the Parisian cityscape stretched out below us, when my phone went off. I begrudgingly got the thing out of my pocket and took a look at the screen. It was work.

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